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Chapter 25: Silence Is Always Louder than Any Scream

When bail was refused, he said, “I have never in my life seen such injustice. The reason why your bail has not been given is something nobody will ever know.” The reason was that the government had threatened the magistrate, “If you give Osho bail, you will always remain a state magistrate; you will never move into the position of federal judge. And if you don’t give bail, you will soon be promoted to federal judge.” And within three weeks she was promoted.

My attorneys were watching all this happening, and the final thing that they could not believe was that the US Attorney did not want the trial. He said to them, “We know and you know that there is no case at all - you are going to win. But it is in our hands not to give him bail, and to go on prolonging the case for ten years, twelve years.so you have to choose. If you insist on a trial, then don’t blame us. You will win, but Osho could be in jail for twenty years. If you want him to be released without trial then you have to accept at least two crimes. The choice is clear for you.”

For twelve days my attorneys had been running from one jail to another - because they were taking me from one jail to another every day, changing the jails, trying to find some indirect way to kill me.

They put me in a cell with a man who was going to die of AIDS. The cell was meant for two, but for six months nobody had shared it because the doctor had ordered that he should remain alone. They put me in that cell. And while the doctor was present, the jailer was present, the US Marshal was present, as they moved me, the man - who was almost counting his last breaths - told me, “Osho, you don’t know me, but I have been watching you on television, and I have fallen in love with you.

“Don’t come into the cell; just stand near the door, because I am suffering from AIDS and I am dying. And they have put you knowingly here - because for six months they have not put anybody else in here. Everything in the cell is contaminated. You just remain by the door, and knock on the door, because it will take hours of knocking for anybody to turn up.”

It took almost one hour before the jailer came. I asked him, “For six months this cell has not been given to another person. You know perfectly well this man is dying.why have you put me here?”

Immediately I was changed. They had no answer. I asked the doctor, “You must have taken the Hippocratic Oath to save people’s lives. If you have any shame, any dignity.. You were present - you have been preventing even murderers from being put in this cell - and you did not say anything.”

He said to me, “We cannot do anything. Orders came from the top that every indirect method should be used - so if the person dies, we are not responsible.”

As I entered in another jail, in the middle of the night, the US Marshal wanted me to sign my name as ‘David Washington.’ I said, “But that is not my name.”

He said, “That we don’t know. This is the order we have received from the top: you cannot write your own name on the form. In the jail, you will be known as David Washington.”

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