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Chapter 2: Be a Joke unto Yourself

The man thought about it and he said, “Whatever chi-chi is, it cannot be worse than death.” So he said, “I want chi-chi.”

So he was given the treatment they called chi-chi. He was sexually abused, beaten.and as chi-chi started, he started thinking, “It was better to choose death. These people will kill me by chi-chi, and they are unnecessarily humiliating me.”

And the other two missionaries were watching what was going on. Then the turn came to the second: “What do you want?”

Death is such a dangerous thing.he thought, “One can survive chi-chi, but death you cannot survive.” He also said, “Chi-chi.”

So again the whole game began. All the cannibals were beating him and doing all kinds of stupid sexual perversions - and the poor missionary had come to save them.!

Now the turn came of the third, who was the chief missionary. The chief asked, “What do you think - chi-chi or death?”

He said, “It will be a great mercy if you allow me death. Chi-chi I have seen.”

But the chief said, “This is a problem: we don’t kill anybody before chi-chi, and after chi-chi nobody survives!”

Now what are you interested in tai chi for? Naturally it will make you serious. You will forget laughing, you will forget a sense of humor - a man of tai chi has to be serious. And you are asking me to take out the seriousness.and the monkey. The monkey comes in the same package! You become serious and the monkey will come in.

And as far as the monkey is concerned, it is his problem - you don’t worry. You just get rid of this chi-chi.

Just to deceive you they have changed the name to tai chi!

Please forgive me.
I cannot put myself on the line enough. I am at your feet.

You must be living in a misunderstanding, because I have never been angry at you; I have never been angry at anyone, Ronald Reagan included!

Asking to be forgiven.you are asking something which must be your projection. I have never been angry at anyone. You have been always forgiven, but you must be carrying something in your mind. You say, “I cannot put myself on the line enough.”

Who is asking you to put yourself on the line enough? As you are, you are perfectly okay and acceptable and lovable - but you seem to be a martyr.

Who can be perfect in this world?

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