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Chapter 3: The Whole Universe Is a Temple

Everything is silent and empty within you. You are sinking into this emptiness; you are sinking into this emptiness.are falling deeper and deeper as one falls into a well, keeps on falling deeper and deeper without ever reaching the bottom.just like this, we are falling deeper and deeper into emptiness, into the void. Let go, let go of your hold completely.. Keep drowning in emptiness, keep drowning.keep drowning.. Inside, only consciousness will remain, burning like a flame, just a watcher, just a witness.

Just remain a witness. Keep watching inside.. Outside everything has died; the body has become completely dead. Breathing has become silent, thoughts have calmed down; inside, you are falling into the void. Keep watching, keep watching, keep watching incessantly - a much deeper silence, a much more profound emptiness will arise. In that very watching “I” will also disappear - only a shining light, a burning flame will remain.

Now I will be silent for ten minutes, and you keep on disappearing within, deeper and deeper and deeper. Let go of your hold, let go. Just keep watching. For ten minutes, just remain a watcher, just remain a witness.

[After a few minutes pause, Osho resumes his suggestions.]

The mind is becoming more and more silent.. Keep watching.keep watching from the inside...only the watching remains within...mind goes on becoming more and more silent...the body will be seen lying at a distance...as if it is someone else's body lying there...move away from the body...you have gone moved very far away from the body. Your breathing is heard to be far away...as if someone else is breathing...within...more within...move deeper within...keep watching...keep watching...and the mind moves into the void.

[Silence...solitude... utter stillness.]

The body is left behind, the body is as if dead. We have moved away from the body. Let go, let go totally; do not hold back at all, as if you are dead inside. The mind is becoming even more silent..

[Silence.solitude.utter stillness.]

The body is lying far away; we have moved far away from the body.. The mind has become totally silent..

Look inside. The “I” has disappeared totally, only consciousness is left.only knowing is left.everything else has disappeared..

[Silence.solitude.utter stillness.]

Slowly, take a few deep breaths. The mind is now totally silent. Take a few deep breaths.. Watch each and every breath, and you will feel the mind becoming even more silent. Your breathing will also seem separate from you, far away from you.. Breathe softly and slowly.. Watch how far away the breath is.watch how distant it is from you.

Slowly, take a few deep breaths. Then open your eyes slowly.open your eyes softly. There is no need to hurry to get up.. If you are unable to open your eyes, there is no need to hurry.. Take a few deep breaths. Open your eyes slowly and softly, and then look outside for a moment. Watch outside peacefully, become a watcher of the outside also.then slowly get up.slowly sit up.. Those who cannot get up yet may take a few deep breath and then get up.. And if you still cannot get up, remain lying.no need to be afraid or puzzled..