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Chapter 7: All Dreams Must Cease

In the body everything is two: two eyes, two ears, two hands, two legs, two kidneys - everything is two because the body is a dualism. Only one thing in you exists as one, and that is the witnessing eye. That is not part of the body because in the body there are always two. Everything is two, divided. The body exists as a polarity between two.

Even your minds are two: you have a different left brain and right brain, and they are divided. If their bridge is broken, and sometimes it happens, then a split personality happens. Somebody falls from a train and the bridge between the right and left brain is broken - and it is a very delicate bridge. Then the person becomes two, then he is no longer one. Then sometimes he is A or sometimes he is B, or sometimes he is both. And you cannot understand what he is doing, what is happening. He is split.

Right-handed persons develop their left brain; left-handed persons develop their right brain. So if a left-handed person is forced to do things with the right hand he will be in unnecessary trouble, because his left brain is not developed at all. So he will write. You try. A few of you must be left-handed because ten percent of people are left-handed, whether they know it or not.

Because of the domination of right-handed people in the world, because they are ninety percent, many children are continually forced to write with the right hand. They unnecessarily suffer; they will remain imbeciles their whole lives just because they were forced. They cannot compete with the right-handed people. Their left brain is not functioning well, and if they work with it they will be in difficulty.

If you are a right-handed person, try to write with the left hand. You will write like a small child. Why? - because that part is just like a small child, it is undeveloped.

Even the brain is divided, everything is divided in the body. The only thing which is one is the third eye - the witnessing. It is one. If you want to be one within you, seek the point of witnessing consciousness. While walking, watch. While eating, watch. While going to sleep, fall asleep watching what is happening.

Sooner or later, one day you will suddenly realize that the body has fallen asleep but you are still watching. The body is moving into sleep, by and by, and by and by, going almost dead, and you are still watching. Then you will see the mind dreams dropping, falling, disappearing. You are still watching - and suddenly you are illuminated. You have achieved the witnessing.

With witnessing dreams disappear, and with dreams all illusions, the maya. And then you see that everything belongs to the one essence. The trees may be different, the form, but the formless within them is the one. The rock is one with the tree, the tree is one with the star, the star is one with you. Everything is joined together.

Right now you see only forms, because with the mind only forms can be seen. With the no-mind the formless can be seen. When you see the formless then the whole world is just like an ocean, and all the forms are just waves. In all the waves the ocean is waving - the one.