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Chapter 9: The Song of Love

So the third type of love is when a person can take and can give - can easily take, can easily give - and there is no problem. The flow is equal, just like breathing in and breathing out. This is the third type of love, very mature.

And the fourth, the last, is when you don’t know what is giving and what is taking, because the other is no more there, you are part of the whole.

There is then.

.no asking and no not asking.
there one loses oneself at his feet,
there one is immersed in the joy of the seeking:
plunged in the deeps of love
as the fish in the water.
The lover is never slow in offering his head
for his lord’s service.

Remember, only one offering will do: offer your head. Offer your thinking, thought, your reason; that will do. Just cut off your head and be of the heart. And Kabir says: This is the secret that I declare to you.

Don’t go on offering flowers, they won’t help. Offer your head, offer your thinking, your will. And Kabir says: When you are immersed in the joy of the seeking. A real lover, a real follower on the path of love, is not worried about the goal. The journey is the goal.

“Heaven is all the way to heaven. Has he not said: ‘I am the way’?”

He is not bothered about what is going to happen tomorrow, in the end. He is not result-oriented; the journey is his goal. It is tremendously beautiful. The bhaktas, the devotees, have been singing in the East: “God, we don’t seek salvation. We don’t want moksha, nirvana. This world is beautiful, your game is beautiful, allow us to play! The journey is so tremendously beautiful - who bothers about the goal? The journey is the goal.”

The devotee, the lover, loves seeking itself. He is not in a hurry to find God. He says, “Go on hiding. Let us play the game of hide-and-seek. The seeking is so beautiful.” And he is not in a hurry, he is not impatient. He says, “I will wait. Whenever you decide to come, come. You will find me ready; my door will be open. I will be waiting at the door, and food will be ready. Come and we will feast. And there is no hurry. You have a thousand and one things to do: do them, take your time. I can wait.”

A lover is absolutely patient, and enjoys the very seeking, the very play, the very existence. His goal is not in the future, he is immersed in the moment, in the immediate - that is his meditation.

This is possible if you drop your head, if you drop your mind. With just the dropping of the mind, the whole energy moves to the heart, and love arises.