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Chapter 9: Born on a Pair of Trees

Have you watched people’s faces and eyes when they fall in love? - you cannot believe that they are the same persons. When love takes possession of their souls they are transfigured, transported into another dimension; and suddenly.and with no effort of their own. As if they are caught in the net of God. Love transforms the baser into the higher, transforms earth into sky, transforms the human into the divine.

These two things: first, love is an energy field - scientists will agree. Second, love is a transforming force - it helps you to become weightless, it puts wings on you. You can move towards the beyond. Religious thinkers will agree that love is both God and electricity; love is divine energy. Bauls have chosen love because this is the most significant experience in man’s life. Whether you are religious or not makes no difference - love remains the central experience of human life. It is the most common and the most uncommon. It happens to everybody, more or less, and whenever it happens it transmutes you. It is common and uncommon. It is the bridge between you and the ultimate.

Remember the three L’s: life, love, light.

Life is given to you, you are alive. Light is present, but you have to make a bridge between life and light. That bridge is love. With these three L’s you can make a total way of life, a way of being, a new way of being.

Bauls are not philosophers. They are more like poets - they sing, they dance, they don’t philosophize. In fact, they are almost anti-philosophical, because they have come to see that whenever a man becomes too head-oriented he becomes incapable of love - and love is going to be the bridge. A man who becomes too head-oriented goes farther away from the heart, and the heart is the center which responds to the call of love.

A head-oriented man is cut off from the universe. He lives in the universe, but he lives as if in a deep stupor. He lives in the universe, but he lives as a tree that has lost its roots. He lives only in name: the sap of life is no longer flowing. He has lost contact, he’s unconnected. That’s what alienation is.

The modern man feels too alienated, feels too much an outsider, does not feel at home, at ease with life, existence, the world. He feels almost as if he has been thrown into it, and it is a curse rather than a blessing.

Why has this happened? - too much head orientation, too much training of the head has cut all the roots from the heart. There are many people.I have observed thousands of people who don’t know what the heart is - they bypass it. The heart is throbbing, but their energy no longer moves via it. They bypass it, they go directly to the head. Even when they love, they think that they love. Even when they feel, they think that they feel. Even feeling is via thinking. Of course, it has to be false.

Thinking is the great falsifier, because thinking is man’s effort to understand the universe, and love is God’s effort to understand man. Let me repeat it: when you try to understand God, or existence, or truth, it is your effort - a part, a very tiny part trying to grasp the whole, the infinite whole. The effort is bound to be doomed. It’s impossible. It cannot happen in the nature of things.

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