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Chapter 19: The Golden Flower Is Opening

And the existence has been waiting for you - long, long it has been waiting for you - to bring something for which you had been sent in the first place. But you have fallen asleep and you are dreaming a thousand and one dreams. All that you have been doing up to now is nothing but a dream, because death comes and all is washed away.

Reality cannot be washed away by death. Reality knows no death. Reality is undying. Reality is deathless. Reality is eternal. All that dies simply proves by its death that it was unreal, that it was illusory, maya, a dream - maybe a nice dream, but a dream all the same. You may be dreaming of hell or you may be dreaming of heaven, it does not make much difference. The moment you will be awakened you will find yourself utterly empty - and empty in a negative sense, not in the positive sense as buddhas know it: not empty of the ego but empty of all that your ego has been trying to do; full of ego but empty of any attainment, empty of any realization, empty of any knowledge. And it is not that the ego does not claim knowledge; it claims. The ego is very knowledgeable, it collects information. It is a great collector: it collects money, it collects information, it collects every kind of thing. It believes in accumulation. It is greed and nothing but greed. Ego is another name for greed, it wants to possess. But all that you possess will be gone and all that you have done, you have done in your dream. The moment you will be awakened you will be surprised at how much time has been wasted, at how many lives you have been living in a dream, at how many dreams you have lived.

To be a seeker means to come out of this dream, to come out of this dreaming state of consciousness. To be a seeker means: making an effort to wake up. To wake up is to become a buddha - to be alert, to be conscious, to be full of light within so that all unconsciousness disappears, so that all sleep disappears, so the darkness of sleep is no more inside you and you are fully awake.

It happened:

A great astrologer saw Buddha. He could not believe his eyes - that body, that golden aura around the body, those beautiful eyes, as silent as any lake can be and as deep and as pure as any lake can be, that crystal-clarity, that walking grace. He fell at Buddha’s feet and he said, “I have studied astrology, palmistry. My whole life I have been studying types of men, but I have never come across a man like you! To what type do you belong? Are you a god who has descended on the earth? - because you don’t seem to belong to this earth. I can’t see any heaviness in you. You are absolutely light, weightless. I am wondering how you are walking on the earth because I don’t see any gravitation functioning on you. Are you a god who has descended from heaven just to have a look at what is happening on the earth? A messenger from God? A prophet? Who are you?”

And Buddha said, “I am not a god.”

The astrologer asked, “Then are you what in Indian mythology is called a yaksha?” - a little bit lower than the gods.

And Buddha said, “No, I am not a yaksha either.”

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