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Chapter 8: Life, Death and Love

Death is certain. Whatsoever you do - get up early or not - death is certain. It has already happened, that’s why it is certain; it is already happening, that’s why it is certain. So why wait for the moment when you are dying on your bed? Why not make it certain right now?

Just watch. If I say death is certain, can’t you feel fear disappearing within you? Can’t you feel the very idea - and it is just an idea right now, not your experience - just an idea that death is certain and you are calm and quiet. If you can experience it. And you can, because it is a fact; I am not talking about theories, I don’t deal in theories. This is a simple fact. Just open your eyes and watch it. And don’t try to avoid it, there is no way to avoid it. In avoiding, you miss. Accept it, embrace it, and live with the consciousness that each moment you die and each moment you are born. Allow it to happen. Don’t cling to the past: it is no more, it is already gone.

Why go on carrying dead things? Why be so burdened with corpses? Drop them, and you will feel weightlessness, you will feel unburdened. And once you drop the past, the future drops on its own accord, because the future is nothing but a projection of the past. In the past you had some pleasures, now the mind projects those same pleasures into the future. In the past you had some sufferings, now the mind projects a future in which those sufferings are not allowed to happen. That’s what your future is. What else is your future? Pleasures that you enjoyed in the past are projected, miseries are dropped. Your future is a more colorful and modified past, repainted, renovated, but it is the past.

Once the past drops, suddenly the future drops, and then you are left here and now: you are in existence, you are existential, and that is the only way to be. All other ways are just to avoid life, and the more you avoid life, the more you become afraid of death.

A person who is really living is not in any way afraid of death. If you are living rightly, you are finished with death, you are already too grateful, fulfilled. But if you have not lived, then the constant worry continues: “I have not lived yet and death is coming. And death will stop all and with death there will be no future.” So one becomes apprehensive, afraid, and tries to avoid death.

In trying that, in avoiding death, one goes on missing life. Forget about that avoidance. Live life. In living life, death is avoided. In living life, you become so fulfilled that if this very moment death comes and the future stops, you will be ready. You will be happily ready. You have lived your life, you have delighted in existence, you celebrated it, you are contented. There is no complaint, no grumbling; you don’t have any grudge. You welcome death. And unless you can welcome death, one thing is certain: you have not lived.

I have heard one anecdote:

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