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Chapter 10: Sun and Moon in One’s Sleeve

He said, “The only security I have found is in being silent, in being myself, where all duality disappears. Where you and the universe are one, then death cannot do anything.”

You have disappeared on your own accord; now there is no way to harm you. There is nobody to harm you. The body is not you, the mind is not you. You are just a guest in a house. Don’t get identified with the house, just remember the guest.

This statement of Eno is tremendously beautiful:

Good friends, my teaching of the dharma takes meditation and wisdom as its basis. Never under any circumstances say mistakenly that meditation and wisdom are different; they are a unity, not two things.

But all the so-called intelligent people of the world have taken them as two things. Meditation is for the mystics and wisdom comes from accumulating knowledge from the scriptures, from the old traditions. They have degraded wisdom to knowledge - borrowed knowledge.

Eno is saying that wisdom is the fragrance of meditation; they are not separable. You cannot have wisdom without meditation and you cannot have meditation without wisdom. In fact, they are two names for one phenomenon.

To be yourself, silently and fully aware, is to know without any doubt that meditation and wisdom are one.

Meditation is the source and wisdom is the radiation. Meditation is your understanding and wisdom is your action according to that understanding. Meditation is your inner experience and wisdom is its outer expression.

A man of meditation cannot do anything wrong. And a man of so-called wisdom alone is just a parrot. He goes on repeating, but his heart is not touched by his own repetitions.

A priest had two parrots. They were very good, saintly, with their rosaries in their hands, repeating Ave Maria. But once in a while they would become very sad, both of them at the same time. So he thought perhaps they needed a companion.

He went to the pet shop, thinking certainly they need a companion, because both are male; they need a female at least to share with. So he bought a female, and as he put the female parrot into their cage, one parrot said to the other, “Johnny, now drop the rosary! There is no need of it, our prayers have been heard!”

The priest could not believe that these idiots had been praying for their own reasons, not for the Christian religion. They both dropped their rosaries.

A man who thinks that through borrowed knowledge he is wise, is not only befooling himself but others also. His wisdom is just a memory, not a knowing, because knowing blossoms only through meditation.

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