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Chapter 30: The Master Only Makes You Remember Who You Are

And I have heard that whenever Adam was late coming home, when he went to sleep the first thing Eve used to do was to count his ribs. Who knows? There may be some other woman somewhere. But there was no need to ask him.just count his ribs.

Even the smallest intelligence can understand that to prohibit anything is to create interest, attraction - and God prohibited. Not only prohibited, he showed Adam and Eve two trees - one of wisdom, one of eternal life - and said, “You are not to eat the fruits from these trees.” And the garden was vast. If Adam and Eve had been left on their own, I don’t think that even now we would have found those two trees.

God seems to be stupid: showing them the trees and telling them, “This is the tree of wisdom and this is the tree of eternal life. Never eat the fruits from these two trees. The rest of the garden is available.” But naturally Adam and Eve must have become obsessed with those two trees. You would have done the same as Adam and Eve did.

And I say they did right.

Wisdom is not something harmful - ignorance is harmful. Eternal life is not something to be denied to your own children. But it seems he had no idea of the basic principles of psychology.

What are you going to do by knowing all?

It will be enough if you can eat the fruits of those two trees: the tree of wisdom and the tree of eternal life. And I am making available to my sannyasins only those two trees. Those two trees are not in the garden, those two trees are within you. As you meditate, as you become silent, as you become peaceful, wisdom arises. Wisdom is the light that radiates out of a silent consciousness. And once your inner being is full of light, instantly you know your life is eternal.

Death is a fiction. God has prohibited man to go within himself. Go to the whole Garden of Eden - that means the whole universe - but don’t go within yourself.

The devil who persuaded, seduced Eve to eat the fruit of wisdom.and just see, the story is not only a story. There is a perfect science hidden behind it. The devil did not say, “Eat first from the fruit of eternal life.” You cannot eat from the tree of eternal life. You are blind, you cannot approach the tree. First, your eyes have to be opened.

Hence, he persuaded her for the tree of wisdom. And the reason he gave is worth remembering: the reason he gave was that “God has prohibited you because he is very jealous of anyone becoming equal to him, and if you are wise and have eternal life, you are a god. God does not have anything more than you. Because of jealousy, he is prohibiting you.” The logic was perfect.

By the way, people all around the earth have asked me: “Why are there so many women interested in you? Why are there so many women sannyasins?” The reason is the same - why didn’t the devil approach man first?

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