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Chapter 2: Come and Get It!

Buddha has called it wisdom, prajna. Buddha has said meditation is the means and wisdom is the end. Meditation is the tree and wisdom is its flowering. But people who go on carrying their prejudices, their ideologies, their political doctrines, their theologies, their nationalities, their pasts, remain stupid.

If you want to remain stupid, cling to the mind. The mind can become very sophisticated, but it is nothing but stupidity sophisticated. It is stupidity pretending to be intelligent; that’s what we call intelligentsia, the so-called intellectuals. They are not really intelligent people, they are only pretenders. Professors, authors, philosophers, scholars, these are not intelligent people, otherwise they would have been buddhas; they are only intellectuals. Their mind is stuffed with great information - and mind is capable of collecting great information.

The psychologists have found that a single mind-system has such potential, almost unimaginable potential of collecting information, that it looks that it cannot happen. How it can happen? The psychologists say that each single mind can contain all the information contained in all the books of the world. Of course then the person will look as a great intellect. Yes, he has a great deal of information - he has become a computer - but if you look into his life, if you look into his ordinary life or in moments when his information is of no use, where he has to face life and respond spontaneously, you will immediately see his mediocrity, his stupidity.

And it is a well-known fact that scholars, professors, philosophers, behave very stupidly in situations where spontaneity is needed. If you ask something that they know already, about which they have enough information, then they will look very great, intelligent persons. But just a small situation will be able to expose them.

A great scholar is staying in a hotel. He is very upset and complains to the clerk at the reception of the hotel. “What kind of hotel is this?” he cries. “There is no toilet paper in the bathroom.”

“We are very sorry, sir. It must have been a mistake.”

“This is too much! Last night I could not clean myself because there was no paper. You are a bunch of incompetents!”

The manager came to the rescue of the clerk. “Sir, you should have called room service. Don’t you have a tongue?”

“Sure I have, but I am not a contortionist!”

A professor with a wooden eye stood alone in a corner at the dance. He was so self-conscious about his wooden eye that he hardly ever mixed with people. He was very sad and lonely. Then he spotted a girl across the room who was also alone. She had a huge wart on her nose.

“Well,” he thought to himself, “she is no beauty with that wart and all, but never mind - maybe she would dance with me.”

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