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Chapter 15: Man Is Born to Celebrate

.A really old man is a man who tries never to stand between a dog and a lamppost.

I am just giving you some hints. If you start behaving like that, you are old!

.An old man is a man who knows tomorrow why the things he said yesterday did not happen today.

His wisdom is as bogus, as hollow as his old age is.

Just to encourage you, Devageet.you are in the dumps:

.The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.

Don’t be worried! You have got a new idea that you are old. You will be thought a crank until you really succeed to be an old man. Then all this gossip will disappear.

I don’t think you are that old, but I certainly think that you are old enough.but still you will see the time, if pollution continues, when walking on water will no longer be a miracle; anybody will be able to do it. And if you can see this happening, this miracle of everybody walking on water, what more do you want? Old age or young age, you have seen the last miracle on the earth.

But I hope that people will go on gossiping about you. They are finding.they are almost researching about you!

Devageet’s old Jewish mama.I never knew that he is a Jew! People are really doing an in-depth search.. Devageet’s old Jewish mama met an old friend who she had not seen for years. “And how is your son getting on?” asked the friend.

“Oy veh,” said his mama, “don’t ask. He has grown his hair down to his shoulders, he never shaves from one year to the next, he left the university and all day long he is doing nothing but transdental medication.”

“Ah well,” said her friend, “what is the use of worrying? Transdental medication is fine. It is better than sitting around all day doing nothing.”

And here is a question from Devageet:

When your cheeks grow round with laughter and your eyes are bright with mischief, my heart tries to burst free from this poor chest. I used to wonder at the amazing accuracy of your answers, trembling like a virgin as your seeds fell into my waiting heart. Now I tremble even more awaiting your questions too. Sitting silently, the joke comes and my noodle vaporizes all by itself.

Devageet, this is the sign that you are passing old age and entering into ancient age. You have even forgotten poor Basho’s haiku. You are saying, “Sitting silently, the joke comes and my noodle vaporizes all by itself.”

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