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Chapter 9: A Wedding and a Wake

And this wisdom is not accumulated by accumulating information. It does not happen sitting in a library or in a university. It happens when you dissolve into your own core. It happens by going withinwards, it happens when you have touched your rock bottom. When you have touched your very ground it explodes. All distinctions disappear, suddenly life is one. Everything is connected with everything else, everything is dependent on everything else, everything is a member of everything else.

Then you don’t see the tree separate from the earth - it is not. Then you don’t see the tree separate from the sun, because it is not. Then the tree is joined with the sun with subtle rays. Without the sun the tree will disappear; it will not be green anymore, no flowers will come to it. And without the earth there will be no juice in it, it will not be alive; and without the ocean it will also die. And if you go deep into the tree you will find it contains the whole existence.

Alfred Tennyson is right when he says, “If you can know a single flower, root and all, you would have known the whole existence.” Why? - because even a single flower contains all. It has been part of the sun, part of the moon, part of the millions of stars. They have all poured themselves into this small flower. It has been contributed to by all: by the earth, and by things which you don’t see connected at all. A child playing by the rosebush has helped the rosebush to grow; without the child playing around it the rosebush would have been different.

Now there are scientific ways to know about it, that when a child is dancing around the rosebush, happy and singing, it is a connection with the rose. The rose feels the dance, the vibe, grows faster. Now it is a well-established fact that if roses hear music, they grow faster, they become bigger. If plants hear music they grow faster, they bring bigger fruits, and they bring fruits sooner than they would have done otherwise. If they are fed with noise, not with music, not with harmonious notes but with discordant noise, their growth suffers. They remain stunted. Flowers come, but not to their optimum; something remains retarded.

So everything contributes to everything else. You are whatsoever you are because existence is whatsoever it is. You are an intrinsic part in this existence. Once you enter in your own being, you will become available to the whole and the whole will become available to you. You will be able to see in a new perspective.

So wisdom is not knowledge. Then what is it? Wisdom is meditation, wisdom is silence, wisdom is quietude, wisdom is wu wei. Wisdom means a state of utter silence in absolute communion with existence. It is an orgasmic experience of being in tune with the whole.

The knowledgeable man is just like a donkey carrying the load of the past - of the scriptures, of theories, philosophies and theologies. He cannot answer a single real question, although he can answer millions of unreal questions.

A Jew driving a small cart drawn by a donkey came to a toll bridge. The toll collector came out of his house and said, “Here you’ve got to pay a toll before you can cross this bridge.”

“What! Pay a toll?”

“Yes, five cents to cross the bridge.”

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