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Chapter 1: Who Says Humanity Needs Saving?

The woman was not interested in arguing. She listened and she found that it was perfectly right. Wisdom was prohibited because, the serpent said, “God does not want man to become godlike, and if you are wise you will be godlike. And once you are wise it will not be very difficult for you to find the tree of eternal life.”

It is really the other side of wisdom - eternity. And if you are wise and you have eternal life, then who bothers about God? What has He got that you have not got? Just to keep you a slave, eternally dependent - never allowing you to become a knowing being, never allowing you to taste something of the eternal - in this vast garden of Eden He has prohibited only two trees. The argument was simply a statement of the fact.

Now, the person who brings the truth to humanity is condemned as the devil; and the person who was preventing humanity from knowing the truth, from knowing life, is praised as God. But the priests can live only with this kind of God; the devil will destroy them completely.

If God himself becomes useless, futile, by man becoming wise and having eternal life, what about the priests? What about all the religions, the churches, the temples, the synagogues? What about these millions of people who are just parasites sucking humanity’s blood in every possible way? They can exist only with that kind of God. Naturally the person who should be condemned as the devil is praised as God, and the person who should be praised as God is condemned as the devil.

Just try to see the story without any prejudice; just try to understand it from many aspects. This is only one of the aspects but it is of tremendous importance - because if God becomes the devil, the devil becomes God: then there is no original fall. If Adam and Eve had declined the devil’s wise advice, that would have been the fall, and then there would have been a need to save man. But they did not decline. And the serpent was certainly wise, certainly wiser than your God.

Just see. Anybody knows, even a very mediocre person knows, that if you say to children, “Don’t eat that fruit: you can eat anything that is available in the house but don’t eat that fruit” - the children will become absolutely disinterested in all kinds of foods; their only interest will be in that fruit which has been prohibited.

Prohibition is invitation.

The God of this story seems to be absolutely a fool. The garden was huge, with millions of trees. If He had not said anything about these two trees I don’t think even by now man would have been able to find those two trees. But He started His religious sermons with this sermon. This is the first sermon: “Don’t eat from these two trees.” He pointed out the trees: “These are the two trees that you have to avoid.” This is provocation.

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