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Chapter 5: Master of the New Monastery

Near me there is no need for any fear. You can ask absurdities, you can ask foolish questions, because to me mind is absurd. It cannot ask anything else so there is no problem. You can only appear as if something is serious.because mind cannot ask anything which is not foolish. All questions are foolish. The whole mind has to be dropped, only then will you not be a fool.

But the fear.that’s why we rehearse. The ego wants to feel important. Near me there is no need of any fear. I’m not asking you to ask something wise. Nothing wise can be asked; nobody has ever asked a wise question - that is impossible, because when you become wise questions drop; when you are wise there is no question.

You can imitate wisdom also by not asking; that will not help. That will not help. So those who are not asking should not think that they are wise and Teertha (the questioner) is a fool. He is just your representative, so he is bound to feel more foolish than you! Because so much foolishness together represented in him.so he is bound to be afraid, it is natural. But by and by, drop, because when you drop manipulations, you become natural near me, it will give you a glimpse. To be natural will give you the first glimpse, and then you can gather courage to be natural in life. And if you cannot be spontaneous near me how will it be possible to be spontaneous anywhere?

If you go to other so-called masters they create fear. You cannot laugh before them; that will be taken as an offense. You have to have a serious and sad face; you have to appear very serious. Look at the churches, mosques, look at the so-called masters with long faces.. Christians say Jesus never laughed, because how can a Jesus laugh? If he laughs he becomes profane, he becomes ordinary.

But I say to you, such a seriousness is a shield; it will protect all that is nonsensical in you. Allow it to come up. Don’t force it within, don’t repress it in any way. Near me be natural, and in this being natural you will learn that which cannot be learned in any other way. Just being near me, and spontaneous, you will drop the mind and you will be meditative.

I answer you not because I am concerned with your questions - that is irrelevant. I’m not satisfying your questions in any way; they cannot be satisfied. Then what am I doing? Just being here with you. The answer is just an excuse, the question is just an excuse just to be near, just to be closer.