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Chapter 19: The Future Belongs to the Creative Man

The wise man said, “Don’t be worried.” He whispered the secret in his ear, and told him, “After one month I will come back. Meet me then and tell me how things are going.”

The young man went to the marketplace and started working on the formula given by the wise man.

Somebody said, “What a beautiful sunset!”

And he said, “What is beautiful in it? Prove what is beautiful in it!”

The man who had said it was a beautiful sunset was shocked. It was a beautiful sunset, but what was the proof? Is there any evidence? Do you know what beauty is? Everybody knows, but nobody can prove it.

The man remained silent. Everybody started laughing.

And everybody said, “Strange, we used to think this man was an idiot. He is a great intellectual.”

This was the formula given by the old man: criticize everything, just roam about the village watching and when anybody says anything, does anything, criticize it. And particularly criticize things which are taken for granted and nobody questions. Somebody uses the word God - immediately catch hold of him: “Where is God? What nonsense are you talking about?” Somebody talks about love - catch hold of him: “What is love? Where is love? Put it here in front of everybody!”

Somebody would say, “Love is in the heart.”

And he would say, “No, there is nothing in the heart. You can go and ask any surgeon - in the heart there is nothing like love. There is only a blood-circulating system, which just pumps blood and purifies it. What does it have to do with love?”

After one month the old man came back. By that time the idiot had become a wise man. He touched the old man’s feet and he said, “You are great! That trick worked; now the whole village thinks I am a wise man.”

The old man said, “Just remember one thing: don’t assert anything from your side, so nobody can criticize you. Let them assert things; you just criticize and complain. And always be aggressive; never be defensive. Don’t take a defensive attitude. Attack, be aggressive, criticize each and everybody, and they will all worship you.”

And the idiot became the wise man.

It does not need much intelligence to criticize or to complain. And cheaply you become wise; cheaply you become very intelligent.

One of my professors. He used to teach me logic. Within a few days I found out that even if I mentioned the name of a book which did not exist, a fictitious writer, he would immediately criticize it: “I have read that book, and there is nothing in it.”