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Chapter 26: The Enlightened and the Endarkened

How to convince him? The only way is to invite him. But he is not ready to accept the invitation before being convinced. The frog from the ocean is doing the right thing. He is saying, “Come with me and I can show it to you. I cannot explain, I cannot describe, I cannot convince you. This is my fault, but because of my fault don’t deny the existence of the ocean. That’s dangerous: you are denying your own possibilities - that you can live in an unlimited space with tremendous beauty, the

wind, the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars..”

I am not interested in convincing you that the ocean exists; I am interested in showing you that you are capable of being part of an oceanic existence.”

You are asking me, “History says..” I don’t know which history you mean. I have read enough to destroy my eyes - I have never come across any history where it describes that when a great religious master appears, lesser leaders recognize him and come to him.

Who had come to Jesus? Yes, there is one story only: three wise men from the East. Their names are not known. If they were really wise people, at least their names must have been known. If they were so wise, so insightful, as to see in the seed the whole future of the tree, of the flowering and the fruits and the birds and their nests and all the beauty of it, their names must have been known in the East.

But in the Eastern scriptures there is no mention of any wise men going to Jerusalem to pay tribute to a recently-born child who is going to become a messiah. This is not history - this is fiction. And why do they have to bring three wise men from the East? Weren’t there any wise men in Jerusalem? There were so many rabbis, the high priest.and Jews had their own tradition of intellectual, philosophical growth. Not a single Jew recognized Jesus.

What to say of recognition? - he is born in a stable. Because it was a religious festival time, all the hotels, all the caravansaries were packed with people; and he was going to be born to a very poor couple, Joseph and Mary - Joseph was just a poor carpenter.

No door opened. Joseph begged: “My wife is pregnant, and her time has come to give birth. It may happen any moment, and I am standing on the street. Just for the night give us some shelter.”

Perhaps all caravansaries were packed with people, all hotels were packed with people; it is never so. In India there is perhaps the biggest gathering that happens anywhere in the world. It is after each twelve years in Allahabad, where three rivers - the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati - meet. This meeting of three is thought to be very symbolic, so Allahabad has become the most sacred meeting place. After each twelve years there is a huge gathering; millions and millions of people gather there. Naturally all hotels are packed, all caravansaries are packed. There is no place anywhere.

I had been there, the first time when I was only twelve or thirteen; with my uncles I went there. And the whole day, from morning - in the morning we had arrived; my two uncles were with me - up to evening, we looked for some place for the night because we were going to stay there for at least three days. The festival continues for one month.

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