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Chapter 4: This You Call Civilization?

But God was also a male chauvinist. He favored Adam, although it was unjust to Lilith, and the injustice goes even to the point of murder - murdering his own daughter because she was asking for equality.

To me, asking for equal opportunity is a fundamental religious principle. I don’t say people are equal, I say people need equal opportunity to grow into their unequal uniquenesses.

But a double bed! - that proves absolutely that God was a Jew, and it is not an accident that he has chosen the Jews as his own people. Rather than making a double bed, he chose to kill his own daughter. But it is not only killing Lilith, it is killing the very idea of equality. And these Christian monks say religion has done great service to humanity! And the Christians have followed it, and all the other religions have followed it also.

China does not believe that a woman has a soul. It is just as though she is furniture: since thousands of years in China, if a husband kills his wife, the husband is not committing a crime. The wife was his possession. You can destroy your chair, you can destroy anything that you possess, it is not a crime. Because the woman has no soul, nobody is murdered.

Thailand also believes there is no soul in the woman, and Christianity down the ages has been killing millions of women, burning them alive for a simple reason that was far more ancient than Christianity itself. They were called witches.

Christianity has turned the word witch into an ugly thing. Witch means a wise woman, not a woman who is having intercourse with the devil. That is a Christian invention. They could not tolerate wise women, because wise women mean.then what about the priest, and the bishop, and the cardinal, and the pope? A woman can be wise? - never! Only man can be wise. And because those women were certainly wiser than men - it was a long heritage - the only way to destroy them was to find an excuse.

Anybody could report to a special court, a grand jury, the pope had created; Anybody - x,y,z - could simply inform the court anonymously, “I suspect a certain woman in my neighborhood is a witch.” That was enough. The woman would be caught, tortured for days on end, beaten, sexually abused, till she accepted that yes, she is having intercourse with the devil.

Naturally, you cannot suffer infinitely. There comes a point when your spine is broken. And what is the point? These people will go on beating you, will go on torturing you, will go on not giving you food, not giving you water - so what is the point? It is better to accept what they want. Death was better than to be in the prisons of the pope.

They chose death knowing well that once you accept in the court that you are having a love affair with the devil, it is a very summary trial. The woman confesses, the judge immediately orders that this woman should be burnt alive in the marketplace so everybody can see, and everybody can find out if there are other witches in the village, in the town, in the city.

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