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Chapter 10: That Witness Is You

In their scriptures the Jainas talk about Mahavira renouncing so many horses, so many elephants! This shows us something about the people who are discussing it; Mahavira renouncing wealth is not the important thing. Why talk about horses and donkeys - what have they got to do with us, what is the point in counting them?

But they go on raising the figures! This indicates their own clinging minds. That is why so many greedy people have gathered around Mahavira, that is why the Jainas have amassed so much wealth. There is a reason for their being so rich. Actually, greedy people became interested in Mahavira. He was a renunciate, so the greedy are immediately attracted.

Who you are attracted to entirely depends on you. But then a great calamity happens. Even the very great masters fail in this world because the people attracted to them are exactly the opposite type of people. You cannot understand Mahavira, but you are attracted to him because of your greedy nature. “Look what a great man he is! He has renounced so much!” Because you, as a miser, cannot even give up one paisa, and because he has renounced so many horses, so many elephants, so many chariots, so much jewelry, then: “This is the right master.” But you are absolutely the wrong sort of person for such a master.

Life is very complex. If you are to receive the right command and save yourself from yourself.. Because when you seek a master, it is your periphery that is seeking and you will find the wrong one. Even if you are looking for the right one, you will seek under the influence of what is wrong in you. So it is better to fall back inside and stand in the witnessing self, because first of all you need to observe yourself with the eye of the witness. As your ability to watch as a witness develops, you will start receiving orders from within. Only these commands are true. These commands will take you on the right path.

It is essential to seek out your inner voice, your inner self, your interiority. Without it, you will go on drifting like a piece of wood tossed on the waves; sometimes being pushed here and sometimes being pulled there. Time will be wasted. First, you have to seek out your own interiority, because the master you choose after such a search will be entirely different. Then, it is not your peripheral self, your sick personality that chooses. Then, your inner voice has guided the choice.

If you can understand the state of the witness even a little, you can rely on the master you select to take you across. He becomes like a boat. But that should be the choice of your inner guide, not something chosen from your periphery.

Take his orders for battle and obey them.

Obey him not as though he were a general,
but as though he were thyself,
and his spoken words were the utterance
of thy secret desires;
for he is thyself,
yet infinitely wiser and stronger than thyself.