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Chapter 4: The Triangle of Being

Remember the word flowing. The more energy flows, the more healthy. You can reach to the highest peak and you can come down to the lowest world, and there is no problem. You can meditate and you can love. Meditation is going withinwards, love is going without. Meditation is reaching to one’s own being, love is reaching.an effort to reach the other’s being.

There are religions which say that if you meditate you cannot love. There are religions which say that if you love, how can you meditate?

Christianity is an extrovert religion. The emphasis is on serving people - love, compassion. The emphasis is not on meditation, because if you meditate that looks selfish. When the world is in such a misery - people are hungry, ill, dying - and you are meditating? The whole thing appears to be too cruel. Somebody is dying on the road, a beggar, and you are sitting in your temple and meditating? It is selfish. “Throw this meditation away,” says the extrovert religion. “Go and help people: that is the only way to reach God.”

One of the greatest Indian poets, Rabindranath, was much too impressed by Christianity. He has written a poem in which he said, “Don’t seek me in the temple. I am not there. If you really want to seek me, come to the road where the stone-cutter is cutting the stones or where the farmer is tilling the ground. I am not in the temples. Come to the world where the laborer is working and the beggar is begging. There I am!”

This is extrovert religion; a reaction against too much introvertedness.

In India, introvert religions have existed. They say, “This world is maya, illusion. Beggars have always been dying and they will always die, and you cannot change anything. Move withinwards, close your eyes - in your deepest core of being is God. Outside it is just a dream world - don’t waste your time there. The real is within.”

To me, both are morbid. Part is always morbid, the whole is healthy.

So I tell you: God is everywhere. In the temple also, when you close your eyes, there is God; and on the road also, where the stone-cutter is working hard in the hot sun, there also is God - because only God is! But God is the whole and mind always tries to choose a part.

I have heard..

You must have known a very famous movie dog, Rin Tin Tin. His trainer was asked about Rin Tin Tin. He tried to describe, but the dog had such marvelous qualities, such indefinable qualities, that he was at a loss to describe and define the qualities. So at last he stumbled upon a definition. He said, “Rin Tin Tin is God in the form of a dog.”

God and dog - both words have the same balance. God may be the introversion of energy, dog may be the extroversion of the energy, but the energy is the same because only one energy exists. The world is a unity, the mind creates opposites.

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