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Chapter 8: A Little Taste of Buddhahood

Bahauddin said, “Now they have gone to spread the message. Now there is no more for them to do. They have tasted the nectar; now they have gone to the farthest corners of the earth to bring more crazy people. And next time when you come you will again find the same thing happening: crazy people throwing out all their craziness.”

Jagdeesh is a professor of psychology in Chicago. Go there and bring as many insane people as you can. Help my work. And to help my work is to be with me, to help my work is real intimacy with me. And I will be constantly watching you.

Remember, wherever you are, that I am with you. And soon it will not just be an idea, it will become a reality; it is a reality - you just have to discover it. And the anti-buddhafield forces are going to help you immensely. Because of these anti-buddhafield forces you will become more crystallized, you will become more centered, more rooted. This is part of the process of growth, to send you again and again into the marketplace.

The second question:

You talk so much about the witness, but what is the witness and what is the judge? How can we tell which is which - the witness or the judge?

It is very simple; the distinction is very clear. It is impossible to be confused about it. The judge is always judging, saying, “This is good, this is not good. This is virtue, this is sin. This is moral, this is immoral. This should be and this should not be.” The judge is continuously judging. A thought passes in the mind and immediately the judge says, “This is not good to have such a thought, this is a bad thought, evil.” Or the judge says, “This is a beautiful thought, cherish it, nourish it, treasure it; it is very precious.”

The judge is always making judgments, for or against. It has a priori ideas of what is right and what is wrong. The judge is given to you by the society; hence there are different judges in you. A Christian has a different judge from a Hindu.

I have heard.

A woman went swimming in the sea, went too far, was drowned and was pulled out of the sea by the guards. They made every effort to revive her but it was too late, so they had to leave her body there and they went to the nearest phone to inform their office that a woman had died. It happened somewhere on the French coast.

When they came back they were surprised; a Frenchman was making love to the dead woman. They said, “What are you doing? Are you mad or something - the woman is dead!”

The Frenchman said, “My God, I thought she was Catholic!”

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