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Chapter 10: Aes Dhammo Sanantano

You continuously tell us to “Be aware,” to “Be a witness.” but can a witnessing consciousness really sing, dance and taste life? Is a witness a mere spectator of life and never a participant?

Mind is bound to raise this question sooner or later, because mind is very much afraid of your becoming a witness. Why is the mind so much afraid of your becoming a witness? - because your becoming a witness is the death of the mind.

Mind is a doer, it wants to do things, and witnessing is a state of nondoing. The mind is afraid that, “If you become a witness, I will not be needed anymore.” And in a way the mind is right..

Once the witness arises in you the mind has to disappear, just like if you bring light into your room and the darkness has to disappear - it is inevitable. Mind can exist only if you remain fast asleep, because mind is a state of dreaming and dreams can exist only in sleep.

By becoming a witness you are no longer asleep, you are awake. You become awareness - so crystal-clear, so young and fresh, so vital and potent. You become a flame - intense, burning from both the ends - as if, in that state of intensity, light, consciousness, mind dies, mind commits suicide. Hence the mind is afraid.

And mind will create many problems for you, it will raise many, many questions. It will make you hesitate to take the jump into the unknown, it will try to pull you back. It will try to convince you that, “With me is safety, security; with me you are living under a shelter, well guarded. I take every care of you. With me you are efficient, skillful. The moment you leave me, you will have to leave all your knowledge and you will have to leave all your securities, safeties. You will have to drop your armor and you will be going into the unknown. You are unnecessarily taking a risk for no reason at all.” And it will try to bring beautiful rationalizations. This is one of the rationalizations which almost always happens to every meditator.

It is not you who is asking the question; it is the mind, your enemy, who is putting the questions through you. It is mind who is saying, “Osho, you continuously tell us to ‘be aware,’ to ‘be a witness.’ But can a witnessing consciousness really sing, dance and taste life?”

Yes - in fact only a witnessing consciousness can really sing, dance and taste life. It will appear like a paradox - it is! But all that is true is always paradoxical, remember. If truth is not paradoxical then it is not truth at all, then it is something else.

Paradox is a basic, intrinsic quality of truth - let it sink into your heart forever! Truth as such is paradoxical. Although all paradoxes are not truths, all truths are paradoxes. The truth has to be a paradox because it has to be both the poles - the negative and the positive - and yet a transcendence. It has to be life and death, and plus. By “plus” I mean the transcendence of both - both and both not. That is the ultimate paradox.

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