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Chapter 3: Worthy of Truth

Such a unique experiment has never happened again on this Earth. And unless this experiment happens again this Earth will continue to be full of pain and misery.

Before going out into the world one should have a strong grounding within. Before the hands touch money the inner treasure should first be experienced. After that, money will be only a means: then you will use money but it will not become your master.

In this second stage, after brahmacharya, we are asking the person to become a grihastha, a householder. Now he can get married and have children. Now he will experience life, but such a person will be living in a different way. The quality of his living will be totally different because he is capable of being a witness. You are unable to be a witness - you become identified, you become the doer.

To be a doer is painful and to be a witness is absolute bliss. A person who has become a witness, even if you throw him into hell you cannot make him miserable. And even if you take a person who is not a witness to heaven you will not be able to bring him out of his misery.

The indulging mind will always be in misery because it has certain particular qualities. Its first quality is that whatsoever it has is never enough. The second quality is that what it has looks meaningless and what it does not yet have appears very meaningful. The third quality of the indulging mind is that its desires are infinite. The means for the fulfillment of desires are always limited, and that is why it is impossible to ever make such a mind happy. It will remain miserable whatever the situation, because the misery is arising from within. And anyone who comes in contact with such a mind will be soaked in its misery.

And it is impossible to make one who is a witness unhappy because the witnessing consciousness also has certain qualities. The first quality of being a witness is that whatsoever happens, one always feels oneself to be separate from it. Whatsoever is happening, one who has become a witness finds himself at a distance from the happening; he knows that he is just a witness. If misery is happening, then also he is a witness to it. He cannot become identified with it - and unless you become identified with misery you cannot be miserable.

The second characteristic of the witnessing consciousness is that it feels gratitude for that which is. It feels what it receives to be a blessing from the divine. What is available is not taken to be a result of effort but a blessing from the existence. The witness never becomes a doer; hence one who is a witness can never say that he has achieved because he has done something. He always feels that he has not done anything and yet he has received everything. That is why he feels gratitude. His gratitude has no limit: his thankfulness, his feelings of being grateful are infinite.

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