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Chapter 2: Diamonds Regained

And this is how one should relate to all kinds of negative emotions. Be a witness. Just watch it. Sufis call it sahada - be a witness. Hindus call it sakshin - be a witness. Just watch. Don’t do anything. Doing is not needed. All doing is wrong. If you do anything about it, something is going to be wrong - because you will be doing under its impact. If you do it to others, it will be wrong; if you do to yourself, it will be wrong. Anything done under the impact of a negative emotion is going to be wrong. And then later on guilt will arise.

But there is a way not to do - be a watcher, just be a witness. See it. It is there. You are not it, you are the seer. Sit silently when you are angry, when you are jealous, when you are full of hatred. Close your doors. Sit silently. Let the anger be there, let the anger flash in front of you, let the hatred move like a movie - and you be a watcher.

And you will be surprised. It cannot be there forever, one thing is certain. Sooner or later it goes. It only takes minutes to go. And when it is gone, it is gone; it leaves no trace behind it. No guilt is created. And a man who does not create guilt is religious. I call a man who does not create any kind of guilt religious.

The sixth question:

This morning in the lecture I was fast asleep and suddenly felt a hard weight on my back. At first I thought I must be snoring or making a noise and someone must have woken me to stop me, but I found out that no one had hit me. What was it?

The question is from Sheela.

I have not answered it up to now because each day when I wanted to answer she was asleep again! It is not a new question! I have been waiting. But today she is awake so I thought that this is the moment.

Can’t you recognize my hand when I wake you?

Enough for today.