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Chapter 12: Nothing to Choose, Nothing to Discard



But remember the witness.

You are not the body.

You are not the mind.

You are just the witness, and suddenly flowers start raining on you. A great ecstasy takes over; as you relax, all separation disappears.

Gautama the Buddha Auditorium has become this moment just a lake of consciousness without any ripples, reflecting the faraway stars.

You are the most fortunate human beings at this moment upon the whole planet earth, because you are at your center. This is the most precious, the greatest glory and splendor one can find in life, in existence.

Collect as much joy, bliss, ecstasy.

And persuade the center, the witness, to come along with you.

The witness has to become your very life.

That very moment you will be awakened, you will be the buddha.



Come back, but peacefully, silently, gracefully.

Sit down for a few moments, remembering the golden path you have traveled, and reminding yourself that the experience of witnessing at the center of your being has to become your very life.

Drawing water from the well, chopping wood - whatever you are doing, you have to remember that you are only a witness.

Nothing has to be renounced, nothing has to be chosen.

Choicelessly, relaxed, live both sides of your being: the outer and the inner.

Be Zorba the Buddha!