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Chapter 14: A Singular Mess

The first question:

You say there is nowhere to go. To go somewhere is to perpetuate the illusion.
And sometimes I see it..
And you say religiousness is to reject the known and one should not stand on the crossroads but dare, and commit mistakes..
You say it is already the case - the seeker is the sought..
And you say religion is self-creation, constant rebellion..
The combination and the harmony of all these things between them is singularly messy.

That’s true. Have you ever witnessed a childbirth? It is messy, singularly messy.

This is the birth of a new consciousness. You are witnessing something rare. It happens only once in thousands of years. Whenever something new is born, it is messy. You can ask the scientists what they say about the birth of the world. It was utterly messy, it was chaos. The cosmos has come out of a chaos.

And before I can create you I have to destroy you. I have to dismantle the old completely. Naturally, when the old is dismantled and the new has not yet been created, there is a period, a transition period, where everything will be messy.

But if the chaos is going to give birth to a star, it has to be welcomed. Order, system, is not always good, is not always beneficial. Disorder is not always harmful. One has to look into each case to determine it. It depends. If destruction is the goal, then destruction is violence. It is ugly. If creation is the goal, then who has ever been able to create anything without destruction? You have to be destroyed.

And that’s my device - to give you contradictory statements. That is my design. It is a naqshbandi. I contradict myself so much for a certain reason: if you go on listening to me, sooner or later you will stop believing. That is the whole purpose - because you will know it is meaningless to believe this man. Tomorrow he will contradict himself. Before you are established in a belief he will contradict it. He will not leave you settled in any shelter. Once you know this, slowly, slowly, the mind’s old habit of clinging to a certain concept disappears. It can disappear only if you are continuously contradicted.

If I am very consistent I will become your belief, I will become your church, I will become your religion. And I don’t want to become your church or your dogma or your religion - I want to become your salvation. your liberation, your freedom. The goal is utterly different. If you are seeking a kind of belief then you are in trouble.

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