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Chapter 29: The Answer Is You

If you had died in silence, peace, consciously, you would have been amazed to know that it is only the body that is dying, but not you, not the witness. You would have witnessed your own death. Just as others are witnessing from the outside, you would have witnessed it from the inside.

If a man dies consciously, then he is also born consciously, because death is one side and birth is another side. Death is the beginning of a new life. Within seconds, you will be entering a new womb. And if you die peacefully, without any disturbance, you will enter a new womb with the same silence, with the same awareness. The nine months in the mother’s womb will not be of unawareness. And the birth out of the mother’s womb will be in full silence and joy, because now you know that neither death matters nor birth; you belong to eternity.

Birth and death are small episodes. But silence has not to be just a word, it has to become your experience, and it will give you a tremendous intelligence.

Right now, all your intelligence is being destroyed by your conflicts, struggles, indecisiveness - bold actions and a feeling of paralysis. You want to accept whatever is happening and yet, deep down, you don’t want it, you want to change it; hence, the sabotage.

You are a battlefield. You are not one but a crowd, and not only a crowd, but a crowd which is fighting and you don’t know who you are.

Silence will bring you great gifts. And the most precious and the first gift is intelligence. A clarity of vision, a deep understanding of yourself, and almost all the problems start disappearing - not that you get answers for your questions, but just that the questions disappear. You don’t find the answer because you are the answer.

Just be silent, and all questions disappear. Millions are the questions but there is only one answer, and that is you, in your crystal clear, silent awareness.

But man has been behaving so stupidly. He somehow manages outside to look intelligent, but if you look inside in him.. If the God who created the world was a little more intelligent, he would have made a small window in every head so that others can look at what is going on inside. It would have been really a great entertainment. And you would not be able to hide anything.

I have heard.. Two police officers are having coffee and chatting about their new recruits.

“You won’t believe how dumb my new constable is,” says one. “Oh, I bet mine is worse than yours.” says the other.

So the first officer calls his constable. He comes in and salutes, “Yes, sir!” “Here is a dollar, go and buy me a Rolls Royce.” “Yes, sir!” says the constable and he goes out.

“That’s nothing,” says the other officer and calls his constable. “Go immediately to my house and see if I am there.” “Yes, sir!” says the constable and he goes out.

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