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Chapter 2: An Assembly of Two Buddhas




Be silent. Close your eyes. Feel your body to be completely frozen.

Now look inwards with your total consciousness, and with an urgency as if this moment is going to be the last in your life.

The center of your being is not far away. As you come closer, a strange coolness, a silence starts becoming deeper. A light that has no source, a blissfulness.thousands of flowers start raining on you.

This moment, you are the buddha.

This is your ultimate reality. The only character to be remembered is witnessing. The buddha consists only of witnessing.

To make it clear,



Relax, and just be a witness. You are not the body, you are not the mind. You are just a pure witness standing by the side. This witnessing is the very soul of a buddha.

The night was beautiful in itself, but ten thousand buddhas melting into an oceanic consciousness has made the night a splendor, a miracle.

Just remember one thing: when Nivedano calls you back, gather as much light, as much fragrance, as much existential juice as you can, and persuade the buddha to come along with you. Finally, he has to become your everyday action, gesture, word, silence - everything. The circumference of your life has to disappear, giving place to the center.

This is the greatest rebellion and the only living religiousness: to bring buddha into your ordinary life, simply, innocently.



Come back.with all the grace of a buddha, with all the beauty and the joy. Sit for a few minutes just to recollect the golden path that you traveled to reach to your center, and the encounter with the buddha, and the experience of just pure witnessing.