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Chapter 4: Meditation: The Only Medicine

The first question:

What is the relationship between meditation and witnessing? In what way are mind and ego dissolved by them? Is surrender possible without attaining complete egolessness? To what extent are orange clothes and the mala helpful for meditation and witnessing? Also please explain the difference between witnessing, wakefulness and right remembering.

Human life can be divided into four circles.

The first circle is of action, the world of doing. It is the outermost. Moving within a little we come to the world of thought. Moving a little further in we come to the world of feeling, devotion, love. Moving still further within we reach the center - the world of the witness.

The witness is our nature, because there is no way to go beyond it. No one ever has, and no one ever can. To become the witness of the witness is impossible. The witness is simply the witness. You cannot go deeper than it. It is our foundation. Our house is built on the foundation of witnessing - built of feeling, of thought, of action.

This is why there are three yogas: karma yoga, gyan yoga, bhakti yoga - the yogas of action, knowledge and devotion. These are the three methods of meditation. Through these three disciplines one can make efforts to reach the witness.

The yoga of action means action plus meditation. Karma yoga is the effort to go directly from doing to witnessing. Meditation is the process and witnessing is the goal.

You have asked, “What is the relationship between meditation and witnessing?” Meditation is the path, witnessing is the destination.

Witnessing is the culmination of meditation.

And meditation is the beginning of witnessing.

A karma yogi is one who adds meditation to doing, who links meditation to the world of action - action plus meditation.

Then a gyan yogi is one who adds meditation to thought. He links meditation to the world of thought. He begins to think meditatively. A new practice is added: whatever one does is done with awareness. When the state of thought plus meditation is established, the journey towards witnessing begins.

Meditation is a change of direction.

Whatever meditation is joined to becomes a vehicle for moving towards witnessing.

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