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Chapter 29: Life - for the Sheer Joy of It

They were afraid, because if they can kill my personal physician they can kill any sannyasin. They created a very great fear. They drove away, harassed, people who were more intelligent than themselves, more educated. The chancellor of the university, the vice-chancellor of the university, many professors of the university, who had been with me for many more longer years than Sheela and her group, they harassed them, they tried in every way to insult them. Finally they had to leave. So they managed to drive people out, whoever was suspected can create a trouble for them.

Now we are receiving every day letters and telephones from all over the world. All those people want to come because they have never left me, they have never left the commune. They have left because of this fascist group.

And I was in isolation and in silence. I was not reading any book, any newspaper, television or radio. My only information was through Sheela, and my only message to the commune was through her. So she managed.

Whatsoever she wanted to say to the commune, she said it in my name. Now I am discovering that this was never my message. And whatever she wanted to tell me she told me. Whether it was true or untrue did not matter because I was not going out. So it was really great opportunity for her to betray the commune, to betray a great trust, to betray love.

And what she has gained? What those twenty people’s gang has gained? They have become criminals for their whole life.

We have not lost anything. They have stolen money, but money does not matter much. I have millions of friends around the earth who can again give the money, that is not a problem.

Forty-three million dollars she has put in her own name in Switzerland, in some bank account. But it will not be easy to take it out, because how she is going to show that money anywhere in any way? She does not come from a rich family. She was just a hotel waitress. And she will end into being a hotel waitress again.

I had made her almost a queen of a vast empire around the world. But she misused, took advantage. And not only that she misused the trust that I had given to her, she has insulted whole womanhood.

I had so much respect for women, and I had given all power to women in the commune for the simple reason because man has been running the society for thousands of years and has not succeeded to make it yet civilized, yet cultured, yet human. But Sheela and her gang has proved beyond doubt - because all those women who are with her - that it does not make any difference whether man rules the society or women rule the society. Power corrupts in the same way. That power makes no distinction between men and women.

So she has not only lost her own dignity, she has lost a friend of womankind. I have fought my whole life for women’s liberation. I have fought for my all the years that the woman should be given more power than man because she is more motherly, more loving. Perhaps she will not be so easily corrupted as man is corrupted, because man has not that love, that heart.

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