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Chapter 16: Superman: The Fantasy for the Inferior

Jesus is talking about humbleness and meekness; these are womanly qualities. Jesus has destroyed man’s manliness. This is womanly, that when somebody hits your face you have to give him your other cheek. What else can be more womanly? But can you see how things are associated? One woman, her rejection, caused his rejection of all womankind; and not only of womankind but also of qualities which have something in them which can be called womanly.

He condemned Gautam Buddha, saying “It is because of Buddha that India became cowardly - he taught India to be womanly.” He said, “all these saints are not even worth comparing with soldiers. Even a third-rate soldier is better than a first-rate saint.” Now, the soldier! - and he himself was not a soldier; he himself was not even tall enough to be accepted in the army. He had tried and was rejected because he was not tall enough.

There is a possibility that somewhere in his parentage some crossbreeding must have happened: he was not Nordic German - neither was Adolf Hitler Nordic German. Nordic Germans, if they are pure blood, are tall, blond, strong people. But neither Nietzsche was strong and tall nor was Adolf Hitler.

Nietzsche says, “The only beautiful thing that I remember in my life is when one morning as the sun was rising I saw a long brigade of soldiers marching on the street. Their naked swords were shining in the morning sun, almost like lightning. Their boots falling in tune were so musical that I have never heard any music comparable to it. Their dress, their uniforms - and the harmony and the early morning sun.!”

People have talked about lotus flowers in the early morning sun, of roses in the early morning sun, but Nietzsche is the only one in the whole history of man who talks about soldiers in the early morning sun and the beauty of the swords shining and the music of their boots.right, left, right, left.in harmony - the music! He says, “I never came across such a beautiful experience again.”

Now he himself was not an athlete, he was not a soldier. I don’t think he would have been able to hold a sword rightly, or know how to keep hold of it. He was a man who knew how to hold a fountain pen, not a sword. For his whole life he was simply writing; fighting he had never done. But he started projecting the idea of the superman.

Nietzsche started condemning the old man without ever thinking that he belonged to the old. It happens.one can set oneself apart, and put the old man on this side and the superman on that side; and then you think you are not part of the old man. But because you are creating the idea of the superman, you start believing yourself that superman is your projection, your idea: you are giving birth to superman - then of course you belong to the superman. That’s how one tries to forget one’s inferiority.

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