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Chapter 17: Becoming Is Going Away from Being

So don’t be afraid. Your fear is right: what you think of as love will be gone, but what will come in its place is immense, infinite. You will be able to love without being attached. You will be able to love many people because to love one person is to keep yourself poor. That one person can give a certain experience of love, but to love many people.. You will be amazed that every person gives you a new feeling, a new song, a new ecstasy. Hence, I am against marriage.

In my vision, marriages in the commune should be dissolved. People can live together their whole life if they want, but that is not a legal necessity. People should be moving, having as many experiences of love as possible. They should not be possessive. Possessiveness destroys love. And they should not be possessed, because that again destroys your love.

All human beings are worthy of being loved. There is no need to be tethered to one person for your whole life. That is one of the reasons why all the people around the world look so bored. Why can’t they laugh like you? Why can’t they dance like you? They are chained with invisible chains: marriage, family, husband, wife, children. They are burdened with all kinds of duties, responsibilities, sacrifices. And you want them to smile and laugh and dance and rejoice? You are asking the impossible.

Make people’s love free, make people non-possessive. But this can happen only if in your meditation you discover your being. It is nothing to practice. I am not saying to you, “Tonight you go to some other woman just as a practice.” You will not get anything, and you may lose your wife. And in the morning you will look silly. It is not a question of practicing, it is a question of discovering your being.

With the discovery of being follows the quality of impersonal lovingness. Then you simply love.

And it goes on spreading. First, it is human beings, then soon animals, birds, trees, mountains, stars.

A day comes when this whole existence is your beloved.

That is our potential. And anybody who is not achieving it is wasting his life.

Yes, you will have to lose a few things, but they are worthless. You will be gaining so much that you will never think again of what you have lost.

A pure impersonal lovingness which can penetrate into anybody’s being - that is the outcome of meditativeness, of silence, of diving deep within your own being.

I am simply trying to persuade you. Don’t be afraid of losing what you have.

I am reminded of a story. A woodcutter used to go into the woods every day. Sometimes he had to remain hungry because it was raining; sometimes it was too hot, sometimes it was too cold.

A mystic lived in the woods. He watched the woodcutter growing old, sick, hungry, working hard the whole day. He said, “Listen, why don’t you go a little further?”

The woodcutter said “What am I going to get a little further? More wood? Unnecessarily carrying that wood for miles?”