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Chapter 12: “Instant” Pathology

The first question:

So many people are looking for instant enlightenment these days and there are all these gurus running around saying “Follow me,” and yet it is questionable whether the answer is there. What do you attribute this to?

Every age has its own special pathology. Too much time-consciousness is the special pathology of this age. The modern mind is very conscious of time and wants everything to be done instantly.

There are reasons for it. First, the modern mind is West-oriented. The East has disappeared from consciousness. Even in the East it is the West that has become the reality. The East exists no longer. The East had the consciousness for eternity, for timelessness. The West is too time-conscious.

The reason is Christianity. Christianity thinks that there is only one life. That creates anxiety; if there is only one life then everything has to be done in this life, there is no other.

The East has a very, very long span - millions of lives. There is no hurry. Patience is possible, one can wait. Even if this life is lost, nothing is lost, you will be coming back again and again. There is no need to rush.

This was a totally different world view, the world view of timelessness. The East has never been worried about time, about lack of time. The East has never said that “time is money.” The whole idea that time is money is just stupid.

Time as such exists not. Time exists in your desire, in your mind. That which really exists is eternity. It is always there, it has always been there. So the East has lived in a kind of absolute patience.

But the East has disappeared from the world. The Western outlook says there is only one life and even that is no longer certain. Because of the third world war, because of the atomic energy, the H-bomb, it is not even certain that you will be able to live your whole life. Any moment.. These mad politicians cannot be depended upon. They are so mad that any moment the world can simply disappear. More fear has arisen.

That’s why in the younger generation, the people who have come upon the earth after the second world war, there is much anxiety for instant enlightenment. It should be soon. If it is going to be at all, it should be soon; one never knows.

The people who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki had not even dreamed about the atom bomb, not even in their nightmares, and within a few seconds they all disappeared. One hundred thousand people in Hiroshima disappeared within five minutes. They were people just like you. You can disappear within five minutes. The politicians have the power to destroy the earth.

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