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Chapter 12: Love, Life, Laughter

No, just rumors. I don’t think that those cowards have guts to arrest me, because they will have to think what it will mean. They will have to weigh every pro and con. Arresting a person without any crime, without any illegal activity, they will have to think over that whether to take the risk or not.

It is up to them. I don’t know. But looking at them and their cowardliness, I can say they cannot have the courage to arrest me. Otherwise they will find a worldwide turmoil against America. It will be peaceful, but it will be turmoil and it will damage their image.

Anyway, they don’t have a very good image. Whatsoever is left will be gone with this.

And many of my sannyasins are Americans.

But actually, under these circumstances - them being cowards and all these kind of things - you would prefer to be arrested?

I will enjoy.

Thank you very much.