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Chapter 27: I Can See a Shoe in Your Heart

I am breaking a new path: I accept you as you are.

The difference is they want you to change before they accept you; I trust my acceptance. I know that my acceptance is going to change you. They expect you to be deserving, to be worthy; only then they can shower their love on you.

My attitude is totally different from them, from anybody who has ever lived on the earth. I will shower my love on you because I trust in my love and its alchemical qualities. My love is going to transform you, to make you deserving. It may take lives and lives to find another man. And if you cannot become enlightened with me, it will be very, very difficult with that old type of disciplehood, and the old type of masters.

The world is not a paradise yet because nobody has accepted you. First they wanted you to change according to their ideals and only then you would be accepted. It used to take five years, seven years, or even ten years to become an initiate with Gautam Buddha. Ten years you would remain a novice.just preparing, and hoping that you will be accepted. Thousands tried, and only very few of them were accepted.

You are not new on the earth; perhaps many of you have lived with other masters, but they made the whole thing so difficult. Even the initiation requires qualities to be developed in you - you have to be acceptable and presentable. Millions have longed for a better consciousness, but nobody was there to help them - they were not worthy to receive help.

Your deepest fear is not an experience that can be easily expressed. It has shaken your whole being. It has made you aware that you have to put your totality into transforming your consciousness while I am here in the body; otherwise, you had every opportunity to find the deathless, and you missed it. You will never be able to forgive yourself.