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Chapter 3: Learn from This Experience

Sheela and her gang have done a great service to you. They have destroyed themselves, but they have given you an insight. Now keep awake. Don’t fall asleep.

You have often referred to the quote, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” How can this be prevented from happening again? Is the horizontal hierarchy really possible? Alleluia for this new day! Alleluia!

But I have answered your question before you have asked it.

I don’t know what magic happens during darshan, but falling into the deep, deep silence that your presence creates, I find it hard to imagine how it is possible to recreate this beautiful space in your absence. And strangely, a part of me does not want to believe it is possible.
Why is this?

First, it is such a big event, such a great ecstasy, that you cannot believe it is really happening. You have been brought up by parents, teachers, society, schools, colleges, universities, religions. On one single point they all agree, that you are unworthy, and you have to deserve to be worthy. You have to prove that you are worthy.

And how do you have to prove it? By becoming someone else.

A Christian is trying to become Christ. A Buddhist is trying to become a Buddha.

Now there is a great problem: nature never repeats itself - that’s its beauty and its creativity. Human beings are not produced on an assembly line like Ford cars, where every minute one car comes out just the same. The predecessor was the same, the successor is going to be the same. Machines can be the same; man cannot be.

My opposition to communism is based on the fact that equality of human beings is a psychological impossibility. It is just like if somebody is tall and somebody is short, and you start creating people of equal size. So somebody’s head is cut off, and somebody is put on a traction machine to pull his legs. What you will create will be a crippled world, not equal. I am against communism because it is psychologically absurd.

Every man is unique, and there is no way for anybody to become Christ again. Two thousand years are enough proof. Hundreds of popes but not a single Christ. Thousands of monks but not a single Christ. Twenty-five centuries are proof enough: millions of Buddhist monks all over Asia and not a single Gautam Buddha is born.

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