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Chapter 3: Ecstatic All the Way

The young man could not believe. He said, “But what about your conditions? Your conditions are so impossible that nobody has been able up to now to fulfill them.”

The master laughed and he said; “Now I can tell you the truth! The real thing is, all those conditions were just a strategy, not to say to people that ‘I have not yet reached; that I don’t have it, so how I can give it to you?’ I never wanted to say that I have not yet become the awakened one, the blessed one, so I had found this strategy: ‘You are not yet worthy to be initiated.’ But now I have attained - this morning it has happened - and I am so burdened that I want to be relieved.

“So there is no condition at all. You simply go, and whosoever wants to be initiated, gather them and tell them that this is my last day. As the sun will be setting I will also disappear from this world, so there are only a few hours. Gather as many people as you can!”

The young man could not believe it, but the master was saying it so he rushed. The villagers could not believe; they thought that it must be some kind of joke. The man has been so stubborn about his conditions and conditions were so impossible - only Superman can fulfill his conditions!

Those poor villagers said, “But we are not worthy!”

The young man said, “Now he is not asking for any readiness on your part. Anybody who wants to be initiated, who wants to share the truth, he is ready to give.”

A few people were curious: “What is the matter?” - so just out of curiosity, knowing perfectly that old man for many years, without believing, but just out of curiosity followed. Somebody’s wife had died and he was feeling a little miserable so he said, “Okay, it will be good just to go to the old man for some consolation, and if he wants to give some advice or some wisdom, why not take it?” A young man was unemployed, he was thrown out from his job, and he was just sitting idle so he said, “Okay, I am also coming.” Even a small child seeing a crowd going toward the hermitage followed. He had not gone to the school that day and it was good excuse that he had gone to the saint, so he also went there.

The young man looked at the crowd. He could not believe his eyes, because he has seen very wise people coming, the purest, the most innocent, the virtuous, the puritans, the ascetics, and they were all refused. And this motley crowd! He laughed to himself: “What is going to happen? The whole thing seems to be simply crazy! And what is this small child going to get? And the reasons they are coming are absurd: somebody’s wife has died, somebody is unemployed, somebody’s off day, the child has not gone to the school.”

He went with this crowd. The master did not even ask, “Why do you want to be initiated?” He simply started calling single individuals, initiating them. The young man said, “I cannot believe my eyes. I had never imagined that this would ever happen!”

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