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Chapter 36: Session 36

Man comes home tail between his legs, goes out to purchase bananas, and by and by he has become a banana: Mr. Banana, Ph.D., M.A., D.Litt., and whatnot. But basically Mr. Banana is utterly rotten. Please don’t eat it. Don’t even look inside the skin, otherwise you will repent, and immediately start saying, “Stop the wheel!” - the wheel of birth and death - because who wants to be a banana? But bananas may be well dressed, with beautiful clothes, perhaps made in Paris. Mr. Banana can do anything. He wears a beautiful tie, so that he cannot even breathe.shoes so tight that if you see Mr. Banana’s feet you would never look at his face.

I have never liked shoes, but everybody insisted that I wear them. I said, “Whatsoever happens I am not going to use shoes.”

What I use are called chappals in India. They are not really shoes, not even sandals, they are the least possible covering. And I have chosen the ultimate chappal; you could not reduce it any more. My chappalmaker, Arpita, knows that there is no way to make them more perfectly. Even just a little less and my feet would be nude. It is just the most minimal; just a strap somehow holding my feet in the chappal. You could not cut it down any more.

Why do I hate shoes? For the simple reason that they make you into a banana. Of course Mr. Banana, Doctor Banana, Professor Banana, all kinds of bananas; lady bananas, gentleman bananas.you can find all varieties, but they always start from the shoes.

Have you ever seen Victorian ladies with their high heels? - so high that any tightrope walker would fall off if he tried to walk in them. Why were they chosen? They were chosen by a very religious society, for a very irreligious reason - pornographic - because when the heels are high, the buttocks stand out.

Now, nobody bothers about the reason; even ladies go on doing it, and thinking they are being ladylike. It is very unladylike. They are simply parading their buttocks around for free, and enjoying it. And with their tight clothes, obviously they look better than they ever could naked, because the skin is, after all, just skin. If you are thirty years old, the skin is thirty years old. It has seen thirty years go by, and it cannot be as tight as a newly bought dress. And now the manufacturers are doing miracles: they are making women look so tempting that God himself would have eaten the apple!

Do you recognize what I am saying? It may take you a little time. Even Ashu has not laughed. It will take a little time for it to sink in. Yes, a snake would not have been needed, just a clothes salesman would have done. Just a tight dress for Mrs. Eve, and God himself would have eaten the apple, and driven out with Mrs. Eve - for the evening, I mean.

Why did God create woman after man? The male chauvinist says man is the perfect creation. You must have seen men in Greek and Roman sculpture, but you rarely come across a woman’s naked body sculpted, just men. Strange. What was the matter with those people? Could they not see any beauty in women?

They were male chauvinists, so much so that they praised homosexuality more than heterosexuality. It will sound very strange because almost twenty-five centuries have passed since Socrates, but Socrates himself was in love with men, not women. Perhaps his wife Xanthippe created so much trouble for him that he overreacted and forgot all about women, and started loving men. Perhaps there were other reasons.

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