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Chapter 4: This You Call Civilization?

Once, when Yakusan was reciting a sutra, a monk asked him: “You don’t usually allow us to recite sutras. Why do you yourself recite a sutra?”
“I just want to entertain my eyes,” replied Yakusan.
The monk asked, “Can I also recite sutras like you?”
“If you want to recite sutras like me,” answered Yakusan, “you must pierce even through the hide of a cow.”
On another occasion, Yakusan was asked by governor Ri, “What are the precepts, meditation and wisdom?”
Yakusan answered, “This poor monk hasn’t such useless furniture.”
Ri said, “Don’t be so mysterious!”
Yakusan said, “If you want to have what I have, you must sit on the highest mountain, go down to the bottom of the deepest sea.”
“You don’t throw off your burdens even when you go to bed; you are busy with illusions.”


The Christian monks who have visited the ashram have sent me their ideas of what religion has done for humanity, for civilization, for culture, and I have to discuss them point by point, to show that no religion, including Christianity, has done anything to humanity except harm.

I would like to begin from the very beginning, because Christianity believes obedience is a fundamental virtue, and disobedience is the original sin.

God created the world, and in every church you will hear that he created Adam and Eve after he had created everything else. That’s a lie. He created first Adam and Lilith, but it is not being told to people. There are reasons for not telling it.

God created Adam and Lilith with the same mud. It is a myth, but it carries tremendous meaning. And this shows the utter stupidity of God, that he created a small single bed, only one bed, with the male chauvinist idea that Adam will sleep on the bed and Lilith will sleep on the floor. The woman cannot be equal to the man.

From that very point the whole of Christianity has been against equality. If even God is against it, then equality, equal opportunity for all, cannot be accepted. That’s why Christianity is against communism, against anarchism.

And I say that God was utterly stupid, because when you create a couple, you should at least create a double bed.

The first night was the beginning of a struggle that continues even today. Lilith wanted to sleep on the bed, and Adam wanted to sleep on the bed, and the bed could not contain the two. So Adam threw Lilith down, then Lilith jumped on Adam and she threw Adam down - just because of a stupid God who could not think that a double bed was needed!

The whole night the fight continued - the fight for equality that continues even today in every bedroom. Even though now there are double beds available, the fight continues, the pillow fight!

Next day Adam asked God not the right question - “Why don’t you give us a bigger bed?” - which would have been so simple, logical; he asked God, “I cannot tolerate this woman who wants to be equal to me.” And God killed Lilith, his own daughter.

Neither was Adam asking for a bigger bed, nor did God suggest to him that “There is no problem. I have created the whole world, I can create a double bed. Just (the master snaps his fingers) like that.a double bed!”

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