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Chapter 5: Don’t Knock, Wait!

Gosetsu after becoming a monk under Ma Tzu, came to Sekito and said, “If you settle this with one word, I will stay here. If not, I will leave.”
Sekito, knowing that this man had promise, made a gesture, but Gosetsu did not get it. So Gosetsu took his leave and made for the gate, when Sekito called to him “Teacher!”
Gosetsu turned around, and Sekito said, “From birth to old age, it is only the fellow there and nothing else - don’t look anywhere further.”
At this, Gosetsu was greatly enlightened. He stepped on his stick to break it and stayed there.
Once, Sekito said to his assembled monks, “Even if language is used, it is irrelevant.”
Hearing this, Yakusan said, “Even if language is not used, it is irrelevant.”
Sekito said, “Here, even a needle cannot get through.”
Yakusan said, “Here, it is like planting a flower on a rock.”
Sekito indicated his approval of what Yakusan said.


I have been telling you that God has been the greatest poison to humanity and its evolution towards ultimate peaks of consciousness. Ayatollah Khomeini has supported what I have been telling to you, by declaring a death sentence on Salman Rushdie and three others for simply publishing a factual statement. No law of any country supports it. No constitution in the world supports it. But this has been the attitude of the priests all down history.

A second ayatollah - Ayatollah simply means a religious leader - not Khomeini, but another ayatollah, and there are two thousand ayatollahs in Iran, has come up with a better support to my argument. Now he has declared that if Salman Rushdie’s head is presented to him, he is going to give two point six million dollars if the person who presents it happens to be an Iranian. If it is a non-Iranian, then one million dollars.

From every Mohammedan country, including Pakistan, death squads have moved into England to kill those four people - and if not four, at least Salman Rushdie for writing the novel - and to bring his head to Iran.

Now this will show you why I have been condemning all God-oriented religions, because finally the God-oriented religion is in the hands of the priests. God does not exist, the priest exists. And the priest does not know any civilization, any culture. Murdering a man is not an argument, it is really accepting defeat. A cultured society needs dialogue. If you have something against Rushdie, you have every right to say it and criticize him - that is human. If you feel he is wrong, you have all the freedom to criticize him.

But religions don’t believe in dialogues, they believe in murder, in the sword - that is their argument. To me, it is their defeat.

These people have been keeping the world retarded. A few people from India, and from other countries who have condemned Ayatollah Khomeini and the other ayatollah, have been receiving anonymous phone calls, that they will be killed also.

Here in India, one of my friends, Madhu Mehta, made a statement condemning Ayatollah Khomeini. He is a man of immense intelligence, culture, education. He leads a certain movement called the Hindustani Andolan, the movement for a new language which will not be Hindi, the language of the Hindus, and which will not be Urdu, the language of the Mohammedans, but a combination of both, Hindustani. Of course, he has no support. Neither are Mohammedans ready to support him, nor are Hindus ready to support him, but he goes on. For years he has been working on it.

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