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Chapter 8: Fictitious Father, Crackpot Son

Yakusan once asked his disciple, Ungan, “I heard that you know how to deal with the lions - is that true?”
Ungan replied, “Yes, it is.”
Yakusan asked, “How many of them do you get and deal with?”
“Six,” Ungan replied.
Yakusan then said, “I also know how to deal with the lion.”
Ungan asked, “How many do you get?”
Yakusan replied, “Only one.”
Ungan then commented, “One is six; six is one.”
Later on, when Ungan visited Isan, Isan said, “I have heard that when you were with Yakusan, you had a conversation about getting and dealing with lions. Is that true?”
“Yes, it is,” replied Ungan.
Isan asked, “Do you continue to deal with them, or do you sometimes stop doing that?”
Ungan replied, “When I want to, I deal with them; and when I want to stop, I stop.”
“When you stop,” asked Isan, “where do the lions go?”
Ungan replied, “Stopping is stopping.”


Christianity, I have been told by the Christian friends, is based on family: family is its foundation stone. But family is also the foundation stone of all neurosis, of all psychosis, of all kinds of mental sicknesses, of all kinds of social problems. It is also the base of races, of nations, of wars.

Family has to be understood. It has no future; it has already outlived its usefulness, its necessity. But we have been conditioned - not only Christians, but everybody - that the family is a great contribution to the world. The reality is totally different. I have to go point by point, in detail, because the problem of family is one of the most serious problems.

The first thing.. The family is a prison, it wants to keep control of the children, of the wife. It is a very tight group of people, and they have made this prison sacred. But the results are very ugly.

Every kind of imprisonment prevents spiritual growth. What do you think.why did Buddha renounce the world? Why did Mahavira renounce the world? In fact they were not renouncing the world, they were simply renouncing the family - nobody has said this before - because how can you renounce the world? Wherever you are, the world is. You can only renounce the family.

But all religious scriptures, including Christian scriptures, are continuously lying to the people: they talk of renouncing the world. It distracts you completely from the fact that all these people were renouncing the family, because the family was such that they could not grow within it.

The family is programming every child according to its prejudices. If you are born in a Christian family you will be continuously programmed for Christianity, and you will not ever suspect that your conditioning may be wrong, your conditioning may be preventing you from going beyond.

Just the other night, when the wife and the son of the sannyasin who has died arrived, the son was very much excited the whole day. He told the sannyasins he would like to come here and live forever. But when he heard me, he freaked out. He told the sannyasins, “I am a Christian and I believe in God - and I am not a homosexual!”

His prejudiced mind could not see that I have not said that all Christians are homosexuals. I have said only that the monks and the nuns are homosexuals, are lesbians. This is how people go on missing points. He heard in his mind, through his interpretation of the programming, that I am calling all Christians homosexuals.

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