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Chapter 8: Fictitious Father, Crackpot Son

“is that true?”
Ungan replied, “Yes, it is.”
Yakusan asked, “How many of them do you get and deal with?”
“Six,” Ungan replied.

He has reached to the third eye - the sixth center. He has managed and tamed six lions, six centers of immense energy.

In fact, the Sanskrit word chakra is not rightly translated by center. A center gives you a sense of static-ness - just like a full point. Chakra means a wheel; the energy is constantly moving. Energy cannot be static, it cannot remain in one place. It is always on the go. So the chakra can be exactly represented by the wheel of energy - but I am not using it because center has been used in English for centuries.

The Christian missionaries who translated from ancient scriptures about the chakras could not make the distinction between a center and an energy wheel, and because it is an energy wheel, it is dealing with a lion. You are in a whirlpool. It is going to transform you totally.

When Ungan said six, he was saying that he had not become enlightened yet - but he was very close. He could see the seventh from his sixth center. It needs just a little more effort, a little more deepening, and the seventh chakra, the seventh energy wheel, will open up into a lotus flower - it is just like a lotus flower, the opening of the petals - and life will move into the ultimate.

If you commit hara-kiri, life moves into another womb. If life moves from the head, then it moves into the cosmic. Then it is never born again.

Yakusan then said, “I also know how to deal with the lion.”

He is using the word lion not lions.

Ungan asked, “How many do you get?”
Yakusan replied, “Only one.”

Yakusan was an enlightened master, a buddha. He had reached to the seventh center. Once you have reached to the seventh center, all the six other centers disappear; the whole energy from all the six is moved to the seventh. Then you have only one energy field, and that is around your head.

You have seen pictures of Krishna and Buddha and Jesus with an aura around their heads. That is symbolic, that shows the person is supposed to be enlightened. Those who can see, can see rays radiating all around his head. His face becomes almost a sun, or a moon.

Yakusan said, “I have only one.”

Ungan then commented, and his comment shows that he was certainly at the sixth..