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Chapter 9: To Know What Is

Loosening the cause of bondage and knowing the channels
allows the mind to enter another’s body.

By mastering the current udana,
the yogi is able to levitate and pass without contact
over water, mire, thorns, etc.

By mastering the current samana,
the yogi is able to cause his gastric fire to blaze.

By performing samyama
on the relationship between the ether and the ear,
superphysical hearing becomes available.

By performing samyama
on the relationship between the body and the ether
and at the same time identifying himself
with light things, like cotton down,
the yogi is able to pass through space.

A hundred years ago, one of the greatest thinkers of the world, Friedrich Nietzsche, declared that God is dead. He was declaring something that was becoming clearer to everybody. He simply declared the feeling of all the thinkers of the world, particularly the science-oriented people. Science was winning every day against religion, superstition; and science was conquering so much that it was almost certain that in the future God cannot exist, religion cannot exist. It was felt all over the world that God had become part of history and that God would exist in the museums, in the libraries, in the books, but not in human consciousness. It was felt as if matter had won the last, final war with God.

When Nietzsche declared, “God is dead,” he meant that now life will not in any way be a destiny; it has become accidental, because God is nothing but the coordinating principle of life. God is the organic unity of life. God is that energy which has glued everything together. God is that law which has made a cosmos out of a chaos. Once God is not there, the coordinating principle is not there, the world again becomes a chaos, just an accident. With God, disappears all order. With God, disappears all principle. With God, disappears all possibility to understand life. And with God, man also disappears.

Nietzsche himself declared that God is dead and man is free now, but in fact once God is dead, man is not there. Then man is just matter, nothing more, is explainable, is a mystery no more, has depth no more, has infinity no more, and has meaning no more, significance no more, is just an accident - has appeared accidentally, will disappear accidentally.

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