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Chapter 17: Love Is a Very Unscientific Idea

Even a man like Albert Einstein could not resist falling in love, knowing perfectly well that love does not exist. He fell in love with a woman, who later became Frau Einstein. She was an outstanding poet but it was very difficult to converse because Einstein was so stuffed with his science, and she was so stuffed with poetry. Now, with two heads stuffed with poetry and science together there is bound to be trouble.

In the beginning she used to show him poems that she was writing, and Einstein would listen, because he had to listen. But once in a while he would raise a question which would be scientific. For example she would be comparing the face of a woman with the full moon, and he would say, “Wait. This is going too far. A woman’s face, and you are comparing it to the moon? A woman’s body cannot carry it, it is impossible. Secondly, what beauty do you see in the moon? No eyes, no nose, no mouth, no hair - nothing! What do you see there that you are comparing?

“And do you know that even this light that shines from the moon is not its own, it is just a reflection. It is sun rays reflected from the moon.” The moon is just as dusty as this Big Muddy Ranch. There is no light that you see; from the moon the earth also shines in the same way as the moon and looks so beautiful.

I asked Yuri Gagarin.. After he first orbited around the moon - the first man to come so close to the moon - he was invited for a tour, a welcome tour to India. I asked him, “What was your first idea, seeing the earth from that far away; for the first time, the first man, looking at the earth from that distance, what was your impression?”

He said, “I was simply mystified. I am a communist, I don’t believe in mysticism, but I was mystified - what can I do? The earth looked so beautiful, so glorious, with such an aura of light. And for the first time I could not think of myself as Russian, American, Indian, Chinese. For the first time, I thought only of myself as belonging to the earth: this is my earth. That was my first feeling: this is my earth. America was included.”

I used to tell my friends in the university who were great scholars - physicists, chemists, biologists, zoologists: “You all love. You all want to live. You all want to have silence, peace. You all want, deep down, to know who you are. Still, as scientists, you go on denying these things. Have you considered that you are denying yourself, that you are turning yourself into a thing?”

Science cannot go beyond things. And there is nothing wrong about it; all that is needed is that science should understand its limitations. Everything has limitations, and one should not try to prove that that which does not exist within those limitations does not exist at all. My eyes cannot hear music - that does not mean music does not exist. My ears cannot see the light - is that enough to prove there is no light? It simply proves the limitations of the ear.

I dropped the word limitation because it is humiliating. I used to say to my scientist friends in the university, “It is specialization, forget the word limitation. The eyes are specialized organs to see; ears, specialized organs to hear. And you will be surprised that it is the same body, consisting of the same chemicals.

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