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Chapter 9: Look!

Of his last year, the story is told that one day he visited a friend’s house and saw lying on a table a vaguely familiar utensil whose name he could, however, not recall. He turned to his friend and said, “Pray tell me: that object on your table - what is it called, and for what is it used?”
The friend stammered out in an awe-struck tone, “Oh, master. You must indeed be the greatest master of all times. Only so can you have forgotten the bow - both its name and its use!”
It was said that for some time after this in the city, painters threw away their brushes, musicians broke the strings of their instruments, and carpenters were ashamed to be seen with their rules.

This is what Zen is.

Zen is not a method. Zen is going beyond all methods. Zen is not a way! Zen is dropping all the ways to arrive home. Zen is not a journey - there is no goal in it. Zen is the disappearance of all journeys and the sudden recognition that you are there already, that you have been there always.

Zen is a sudden illumination, abrupt, not gradual, because gradual means practicing, step by step. Zen is sudden. Nothing has to be practiced. It is already the case.

That which you are seeking is already within you. The seeker is the sought. You just have to stop seeking and look. Look into your form, and you will not find it. Look into your mind, and you will not find it. Look into your self, and you will not find it. And when all these three have not been found, you will find who you are!

Enough for today.