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Chapter 8: When Ignorance Becomes Luminous

The master is always pushing you into the unknown; he never leaves you for a single moment to settle in the known. The known has to be constantly renounced for the unknown. And finally, when you have become courageous enough to move from the known to the unknown without the master’s push, on your own accord, then he pushes you from the unknown to the unknowable.

These are the two steps of this eternal pilgrimage - from the known to the unknown and from the unknown to the unknowable. The moment you take the plunge into the unknowable you disappear. Then only godliness is. The master is no longer found, the disciple is no longer found, but godliness - just a fragrance, a fragrance which is of the beyond.

You ask: “What made a loving disciple like Peter, who started from innocence, turn into the cunning first pope and become the founder of Christianity?” Now the second thing has to be understood. That is, ignorance and innocence look very similar, and something is also overlapping between them, something of a common ground also. The ignorant one has a certain innocence; he is not as cunning as the knowledgeable.

Knowledge basically is cunning. It is an effort to steal the secrets of existence, it is a detective work. You are spying on existence; you are trying to find out how to control existence. Knowledge is power in that sense, because it makes you capable to know of certain secrets, and the moment you know the secret you become powerful. Knowledge is basically a power trip. Lord Bacon is right when he says knowledge is power - the very search is for power.

Hence the ignorant is more innocent than the knowledgeable, but his innocence is going to be lost, it is bound to be lost. It is inevitable that it will be lost, because it is unearned. The ignorant person and his innocence are not equivalent to the innocence of a buddha. Each child is born ignorant and innocent, but each child will have to become corrupted, and the greatest corruption happens through knowledge.

Just the other day I was reading an article against me. The writer seems to be a historian and he says that, “Osho’s knowledge of history is zero.” That’s absolutely true. Not only my knowledge of history is zero. As far as knowledge is concerned - it may be history, geography, chemistry, physics, and there are at least three hundred fifty subjects - I am zero about all.

Zero is my only possession, my only treasure, because to me, to be zero is of the uttermost innocence. But it has to be earned. Who cares about your history, all that rubbish? I don’t have any time for all that rubbish. I can make history, why should I know history? For what? I am making history! There are only two types of people: those who make history and those who read history.

I am certainly absolutely ignorant about history; I am ignorant about all directions of knowledge, all dimensions of knowledge. I know only one thing: I am acquainted with my innermost core - but that is not knowledge. That is knowing, that is wisdom, that is buddhahood.

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