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Chapter 20: Let Go: The Cure for the Disease of Becoming

That’s why I am telling you constantly to go beyond mind, where it is possible - not only possible, it is already happening - beyond mind, zorba is the buddha; there is no dividing line. All that is beautiful in zorba becomes even more beautiful when buddha arrives, everything becomes a thousandfold more glorified. And all that is wrong and ugly in zorba disappears like darkness. That which can be absorbed is absorbed, and that which is not worth absorbing is dissolved. But don’t make it a mental problem. My approach is not of the mind; it is of meditation. It is an existential approach.

Zorba loves singing, playing on his musical instruments, dancing. Buddha will make it perfect, absolute. Even silence will become a song, even stones will become sermons, and whatever you touch will become a musical instrument because your hands will now have the magic of the whole existence, they will have the grace, the beauty, the poetry.

Your life will not be a struggle between zorba and buddha, but a love affair - so deep that two lovers disappear into each other, never to separate again. The union, the harmony, the accordance is going to be eternal.

But avoid the mind. Mind knows only conflict. Even where there is no conflict, mind creates it; even where there is no problem, mind creates it. Mind cannot exist without problems; problems are its nourishment. Conflict, fight, disharmony - and the mind is perfectly at ease and at home. Silence, harmony - and the mind starts becoming afraid, because harmony, silence and peace are nothing but death to the mind.

So just shift your problem from the mind. Start living. And with me, it is easy; it has never ever in history been so easy, because I am not telling you to disown zorba, I am telling you to live zorba to its utmost. There is nothing to be afraid of. Only add one more thing, and that is meditation.

Meditation is the bridge between zorba and buddha. Once the bridge is complete and the buddha descends, there will be a tremendous change in your zorba: all that is ugly will have gone, and all that is beautiful will be beautified tremendously.

The zorba is not going to lose anything. Without buddha, zorba is just a mundane existence. Without zorba, the buddha has no roots - only flowers. But how long can flowers live without roots? Roots are ugly; that’s why they remain hiding underneath the ground - but they are the source of life and juice. Those beautiful flowers cannot exist without those ugly roots underneath the ground; those roots are continuously nourishing them, giving their life to the flowers. And this miracle is happening everywhere. But we are so blind that we cannot see.

When you see a roseflower, you don’t see that in the roseflower is hidden the whole philosophy of life - the leaves are not red, nor are the thorns red nor are the roots red. Yet out of this green foliage comes a beautiful red rose. It is nourished by everything: by the roots, by the leaves, because the leaves are breathing constantly; otherwise, the rose would die. Branches are constantly doing a miracle bringing juice and water from the depths of the earth upwards, against gravitation. And there is no pumping system.

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