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Chapter 8: Session 8

Devaraj - I am not mistakenly saying Devaraj for Devageet; I mean Devaraj - you should remember it. My body functions exactly like my father’s even in its illnesses. I am proud of it. My father suffered from asthma, so when I suffer from asthma I know this body comes from my father, with all its faults, flaws and errors. He was a diabetic, so am I. He loved to talk, and I have done nothing else all my life than talk. In every way I have been his son.

He was a great father - not just because he was my father but because even though he was a father, he touched the feet of his son and became his disciple. That was his greatness. No father has done it before, and I don’t think it is going to happen again on this rotten earth. It seems impossible. The father becoming the disciple of the son? Buddha’s father hesitated; my father never hesitated for a moment.

Now it would have been very easy for Buddha’s father to become his disciple, because Buddha was what the so-called religions expect, a saint. It is very difficult for any father to become a disciple of a man like me. I am not a saint by any accepted criteria, and I am happy about it because I hate to be categorized. I will turn away from heaven itself if I see the so-called saints there. I have seen enough of them on the earth itself. I am not a saint. I am a totally different kind of man - what I call Zorba the Buddha.

Yet, knowing my notoriety, knowing perfectly well all the condemnation being thrown at me from all the so-called respectable places, he became my disciple. That is courage, immense courage. Even I was surprised when he touched my feet for the first time. I wept - in my room of course, so nobody could see it. I feel those tears still in my eyes. When he asked to be initiated I could not believe it. At that moment I was just silent. I could not say yes or no, I was simply silent, shocked, surprised. Yes, you have the right expression in your language: “taken by surprise” - and taken so powerfully.

What was the number? Not you Ashu; you go beyond numbers. Let me linger a little more on the numbers.

“The next one is number four, Osho.”

Next one is number four - good. You are clever. You did not say third, you said, “The next one is number four. You know you cannot cheat me. You understand perfectly that if you say third then I will continue with the third next. Okay, once in a while I allow my disciples to have their own way.

Fourth: The fourth name is Dionysius. I have spoken about his statements, which are only fragments noted down by his disciples, but I have spoken on him only to make it known to the world that people like Dionysius should not be forgotten. They are the real people.

The real people can be counted on your fingers. The real person is one who has encountered the real, not only from the outside as an object, but as his own subjectivity. Dionysius belongs to the great world of the buddhas. I refer again to his few statements - I cannot call it a book; a book needs to be a little more than just fragments.

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