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Chapter 2: The Lilies in the Field Are Enlightened

Soren Kierkegaard has written a book, Either/Or. He lived his whole life in either/or. He could not decide whether to marry the woman he loved - and loved tremendously; he could not decide. That either/or continued for so long that finally the woman decided to go with somebody else. For years, he could not decide.

His book became so famous, he himself became so famous, that when he used to walk in Copenhagen, urchins and children and people would shout behind him, “Either/Or! Either/Or! Here goes either/or!” Even children had come to know that he used to stand at crossroads thinking, “Where to go? Either/or - to move this way or that? Both roads lead to the same goal, both go to the station, but which one to follow?” And he would stand at the crossroads thinking, for hours.

He lived only in thought; he was really a metaphysician. His father had left a heritage; he had enough money, so there was no need to work either. So the whole day, for twenty-four hours, he was thinking. And when he had drawn the last money from the bank, on the way home, he dropped dead. He did well - otherwise he would have been in difficulty.

My feeling is that he must have been thinking, “To be or not to be? Either/or,” because now there was no money left. He must have suffered a heart attack between that either/or. That had been his whole way of life.

There is no need to choose - why not live choicelessly? Why not live all that life makes available to you? Don’t be a spiritualist and don’t be a materialist: be both. Don’t be a Zorba and don’t be a Buddha; be both: Zorba the Buddha. Enjoy all that existence has showered on you.

That’s my message to my sannyasins. You are not yet my sannyasin, but if you start living in totality, accepting all, giving each moment its due, respecting all, and when a beautiful woman passes suddenly you are thrilled, that shows you are alive, that you are not dead yet.

But this need not be just a sexual stirring in you - that is very poor. It has to be something more; it can be a spiritual stirring too. I am not against sex, but to live only a sexual life is to live life at the minimum. Why not live the whole spectrum of it, from sex to samadhi?

When a really beautiful woman passes by, if only your sexuality is stirred, then the animal is alive but you are not. But if your spirituality is also stirred, then you are alive in your totality. And to be alive in totality is the way to godliness.

Enough for today.