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Chapter 9: Beginning and End

And then the corpse floated by down the river, and he watched all his past go with it - all that he has learnt, all that he has possessed, all that he has been, the ego, the center of his mind, the self - everything floated off with the corpse. He was totally empty.

Now there was no need to go to the other shore, no need to go to the other shore because once his past had been taken by the river he himself was Buddha. He started laughing because he had been searching for the Buddha without, and the Buddha was within.

He came back laughing to the same shore he had left just a few minutes before, but nobody would recognize him. He even told people, “I am the same man!” but they laughed. He was not the same man.

He was not really. And that was the reason for the legend that nobody comes back - whosoever goes to the other shore. Everybody had come back, but they were not the same, the old was dead, and the absolutely new had come in its place.

I would like this allegory to be as deeply implanted in your being as possible. This is going to be your future. If you really go on and on journeying towards the buddhaland to become the ultimate, to know the ultimate, one day or other you will come to the wide river, where all that you have done, all that you can do, all that you have possessed, all that you can possess, all that you have been, all that you can be - all is taken by the wide river - it moves with the flow slowly towards the ocean; and you are left totally alone, with no possession, with no body, with no mind. In that aloneness flowers the flower of Buddha. You have come to the buddhaland. You have come to know the Tao.

These sutras of Lao Tzu are methods: How to attain to the inner buddhaland. Now, try to understand the sutras.

That which lies still is easy to hold

You have been trying, in a thousand and one ways, to hold yourself, to control yourself, but you have not been able to because the mind is not still. When the mind is not still you cannot hold it. When it is still it is no more, it is not there - and that is the only way to hold it.

You cannot control the mind. In fact people who control the mind are the people who don’t have the mind. It is a misnomer to say that they control the mind. People who have the mind never control it, cannot control it. If the mind is there mind will control you. If the mind is not there only then you can control it, and the mind is not there when it is still.

So when people say, “I would like to have a still mind, a silent mind, a peaceful mind,” they don’t know what they are saying, because mind exists only when it is not still. There is nothing like a still mind. A still mind is a no-mind!

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